Astrological Crisis Period / Hybrid Humans

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Astrological Crisis Period / Hybrid Humans

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In the first half, astrologer specializing in archetypal, financial, and geopolitical astrology, William Stickevers, shared his thoughts on how a dramatic shift in planetary alignments has coincided with our current crisis. Short-lived global unraveling repeats every 100 years, followed by major rebirth, he suggested. For example, he cited how in 1318, there was famine and Bubonic plague along with the Little Ice Age; in 1618, during a Saturn-Pluto alignment there was the outbreak of war that killed over 30% of the European population; and in 1914-1918 we had WWI and the Spanish Influenza pandemic (also during a Saturn-Pluto alignment). These periods often correlated with drastic climate changes and extreme weather, he noted-- something we see now.

Our current crisis period started in December 2019 with the Saturn-Pluto alignment, said Stickevers, and now Jupiter is part of this alignment, adding to the tumult. COVID-19 has been the 'black swan' trigger to a more massive crisis or "X" event, which may include the destruction of cities, famine, plagues, and riots. He estimates the "X" event will take place between June 20th and July 5th, and possibly relate to a second wave of the coronavirus taking hold. During all this instability, he believes bitcoin and gold will be solid financial investments. While he foresees this time of crisis lasting until 2023, there will be a great renaissance afterward. He predicts a kind of technology-fueled 'Roaring Twenties,' in which America excels at innovative manufacturing, and space becomes "the new hot industry."


British multidisciplinary scientific researcher Bruce Fenton is a guest expert on History Channel's Ancient Aliens. In the latter half, he discussed his theories of human evolution as well as his latest work on hybrid humans-- the idea that we are the result of extraterrestrial genetic manipulation. In particular, he has focused on an event in Australia's ancient past, with entities modifying human genetics. Based on a sacred Aboriginal artifact, the Tjuringa, said to communicate information, he has concluded that the genetic alteration done to modern humans was carried out by survivors of a crashed colony ship.

But because their ship was damaged, there were flaws in their genetic engineering, which is indicated by various anomalies in our chromosomes and problems with our reproductive capabilities, he stated. There is also, he added, evidence of an editing process in human genes, and odd jumps in evolution. He referenced how much-earlier hominids were a product of engineering as well, developed to function in a servile capacity for the Reptilians. Regarding the idea that ETs visited us from Nibiru or 'Planet X' (as proposed by Zecharia Sitchin), Fenton theorized this "planet" may actually be more akin to a black hole or singularity that aliens use like a wormhole to get here.

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