Secret Door Special XXII

Hosted byGeorge Noory

Secret Door Special XXII

About the show

In a new edition of the 'Secret Door,' George Noory interviewed three separate guests but initially had no idea who they were. Using a voice different than their own, the guests did their best to trick George as he tried to figure out their identities.

First through the door was a man speaking in an odd cartoon-like voice that stumped George. It turned out to be none other than psychic Vincent Genna. Regarding the turbulent situation we're all going through, Genna said according to one of his spirit guides, "we've been on this planet way too long without using our fullest power, our fullest potential...and that energy is getting packed away inside of us." This creates a kind of imploding effect, he explained, that can take the form of illness, a blocked vocation, and financial and relationship issues. We need to evolve quicker to use all that energy, he added, or it's going to work against us.

George correctly ID'd secret guest number two, who made references to magic in a castle. It was magician Brandon Scott, a reoccurring headlining performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, who also has a long-standing interest in UFOs. "Magic is an art form," he remarked, and it can uniquely combine performing arts like choreography and music with such things as science, optical illusions, and psychology. For Scott, one of the most appealing aspects of magic is that it often challenges the viewer's sense of reality and creates a sense of wonder.

Last through the door was Varla Ventura, author of books about strange lore and the paranormal. George came close but did not correctly guess her identity. She spoke about a variety of mysterious creatures and legends such as werewolves, pookas, and banshees. We tend to feel more sympathetic toward werewolves (as opposed to vampires) because their transformation is not of their own accord, she observed. Pookas are a kind of trickster fairy that can transform into an animal like a horse or rabbit, and are known to take people on an untoward path. She finds banshees to be especially fascinating. Somewhere between a ghost and fairy, their eerie wailing signifies the death of a loved one.

Exploring the Afterlife

First-hour guest, filmmaker, and author Richard Martini discussed his research about the afterlife with 50 people not under hypnosis. They report many of the same things that people under hypnosis have said about the Other Side. Among the commonalities is that we all consciously choose each of our lifetimes. The afterlife is thought of as "returning home," where we interact with loved ones, and guides can help us understand the journey of our incarnations. Martini said he can speak with various celebrities who have passed away, such as Robin Williams, via the medium Jennifer Shaffer. Their conversations are featured in the video series, Hacking the Afterlife on YouTube.

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