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Investigating Bigfoot / Channeled Wisdom

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In the first half, author and Bigfoot researcher Kenney Irish along with paranormal researcher Gary Robusto discussed their Bigfoot investigations, and possible connections to UFOs. Based in New York state, Robusto said he's learned a lot of Native American lore about Sasquatch through speaking with Iroquois tribe members, who believe the mysterious creatures are human in nature. Bigfoot are often observed in the same places where UFOs are seen, and this may have to do with certain spots being imbued with higher earth energy or magnetism, Robusto speculated. Irish tends to view Bigfoot as a flesh and blood creature rather than some type of paranormal entity.

The town of Whitehall, New York in the Adirondacks, has been a particular hotbed for Bigfoot activity, said Robusto, with sometimes as many as 10-15 reports a month coming from the region. Back in the 1970s, Robusto continued, a woman in New York said she left out food for Sasquatch on her farmhouse property. Her sightings and interactions have continued to this day, and she reports that the creatures' fur has turned from brown to white and gray, reflecting the passage of time. As to why the bodies of Bigfoot are never found, Irish speculated that the species might bury their dead. Robusto shared that he is currently working on a Sasquatch communication project using sticks that form into a glyph-like alphabet.


In the latter half, channeler Alexandra McColm discussed her journey in which she discovered she could channel a group of non-physical beings known as Golden Arrow. She now uses her gift to facilitate Golden Arrow's teachings to humanity. Alexandra described growing up living in a cult in California and how this impacted her. Later, she met the trance channeler Grace Wittenberger Loehr, who channeled an entity named Dr. John Christopher Daniels, an overseer of the Akashic Records. In a session with another channeler, the communication from "Dr. Peebles," who spoke in an Irish brogue, was replaced by a new voice that said to Alexandra, "We are Golden Arrow, and we would like for you to channel us."

Golden Arrow, she explained, could be thought of as an ageless universal consciousness that has never lived in a human body. They teach intentions and declarations, and how to lead a better life, she continued, and can consult with an individual's spirit guides, as well as "shift cellular memory." During the last hour, Alexandra spoke with a light accent as Golden Arrow, while George and callers posed questions. Humanity's search for truth continues from one incarnation or lifetime to the next, Golden Arrow proclaimed, as people often aren't able to fully recognize the non-physical or spiritual source of their being.

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