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Aliens & Artists / The UFO Landscape

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Stuart Davis has been thinking more about the relationship ETs have had with artists since the dawn of creation and explores this in a new podcast called Aliens & Artists. He joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss his own experiences, along with how contact with non-human entities impacts human creativity and art. Davis says that the experience of an abduction encounter is so shocking that for the witness, "everything becomes destabilized, and that art may be a way of coping with the disorientation and disruption to their lives." He described his encounter with a praying mantis-type being almost a decade ago. He was meditating while suffering from high fever when a being appeared at the foot of his bed and "shot a lot of information" into his mind in what he recalls as 10-15 seconds. The being also communicated with him, saying cryptically, "remember who you work for."

For the next five years, Davis worked tirelessly to produce a film about the subject and recalled that everyone associated with the project had synchronistic events involving praying mantis insects. He also detailed a series of experiences that plagued him since his first encounter, including a UFO he witnessed with his family, and a 7-8 foot long, 2 foot-thick "cylinder" made of "plasma" that appeared when he was speaking with his wife about a death in the family. He has since interviewed dozens of artists who have had similar encounters. Davis said that many of these witnesses tend to keep the strangest aspects of their experiences to themselves. He concluded that "when you try to move beyond the experience with explanations, it falls apart."


Alejandro Rojas is a host at Open Minds Radio, where he's also a writer and research specialist. An organizer of the longest-running UFO conference in the world, the International UFO Congress, Rojas outlined the significant changes which have come about due to the COVID pandemic. Virtually all UFO meetings were canceled for this year, but Rojas is helping to organize an online version. He celebrated the trend that "the mainstream is moving into adopting the UFO topic" due to major media like the New York Times and Fox News accepting UFOs as worthy of serious consideration. Rojas said that the UFO field has been based "largely on speculation" and that this has made matters "move more slowly."

He discussed the recent revelations about Navy personnel who have supposedly leaked UFO information to researchers over the last several years, but lamented that there is no corroborating evidence. The high-ranking officers named in the episode have denied their involvement, and there are troubling discrepancies in the released documents. He said that we can no longer "put notes or leaked information like this up on a pedestal," meaning that anything that sounds too good to be true or agrees with the UFO community narrative should be regarded with suspicion. Much UFO information, he said, has now gone to private companies, which are not subject by law to disclose any information. Rojas also addressed recent and past allegations on issues within the Mutual UFO Network and lamented the lack of diversity and "a lack of women" in the organization.

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