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Bigfoot Phenomena / UFO Controversies

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Paranormal researchers Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner joined George Knapp in the first half of the program to discuss their latest book, Where the Footprints End, which examines Bigfoot and related strange phenomena. "I ended up finding a lot of similarities between Bigfoot and other folkloric disciplines that go quite often unremarked upon, everything from poltergeists to fairies to, obviously, the UFO connection... witches and ghosts," Cutchin revealed. The book looks more at the cultural lenses put on Bigfoot than Bigfoot as a natural animal, he added.

"The fact is this weird stuff is out there and it is associated with Bigfoot... I know that makes people uncomfortable who would like to say it is just a natural animal and nothing more," Renner said. He shared details from a 1973 case that took place in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, where multiple witnesses reported seeing a UFO. One witness watched as the UFO landed on his parents' farm and went to investigate it. He reported seeing a white dome hovering above the ground and two creatures with glowing red eyes walking the fence line, Renner disclosed. The witness also claimed to have shot one of the creatures who had no reaction to the bullet penetrating its body. The strange event was also accompanied by odd smells, inexplicable sounds, and a visit by men in black two weeks later, Renner noted.


In the latter part of the show, citizen journalists Danny Silva and Joe 'UFO Joe' Murgia reported on the latest UFO news and provided insights into the controversial Wilson/Davis memo. Silva commented on a draft of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 submitted by Senator Marco Rubio. The document references Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and Advanced Aerial Threats to the United States, and requests a report on the topic be submitted within 180 days of the bill's passage. "It's a big deal... there's an ongoing UFO task force and the public needs to know about it," Silva said, noting he believes the Senate Intelligence Committee wants the public to see the report.

Murgia spoke about his work on an in-depth article about the Wilson/Davis memo. The contentious document is comprised of the personal notes of Dr. Eric Davis regarding a private meeting with Admiral Thomas Wilson who spoke about hidden UFO programs within the government. "It's a real letter, the documents are real... everybody knows," Murgia announced. The meeting happened and the document is real, Silva echoed. No one knows for certain, however, if what the special access program managers relayed to Admiral Wilson about UFO programs was accurate, Silva added. The two men also discussed an alleged UFO crash retrieval document from 1961, which Murgia said is authentic and has been validated by a source who has seen the original document.

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