Revolutionizing Your Life / Future Life Progression

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Revolutionizing Your Life / Future Life Progression

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In the first half, scholar of occult and esoteric ideas, Mitch Horowitz discussed what it takes to revolutionize your life. He outlined 13 habits that can bring unexpected powers and even miracles, as well as methods to increase attractiveness, health, and self-worth during these tumultuous times. A miracle, he explained, could be considered anything representing "a fortuitous departure from all expected circumstance." While at times they occur randomly, miracles can also be cultivated, he added. One way is to have an absolute focus on what you want out of life. "Focus and concentration bring power," he said, noting that is a law of both nature and one's psyche. He suggested an exercise of focusing on a specific goal for ten days, combining everything from prayer to outward action.

Another technique he mentioned is "rule in Hell"-- that is not to chase respectability and what society tells you to do. The whole world has been upended with the pandemic, Horowitz noted, and "we are entitled to reconsider our choices and ask whether we have to follow some of the traditional paths." He also advised people to select their comrades well, as "it's better to be nobly alone than to be in low company." Only choose to be around friends, colleagues, and loved ones who are worthy people and will lift you up, he cited. And not only people, he continued. We should surround ourselves in a "total environment," including clothing, media, music, furnishings etc. that make us feel at our absolute best.


International trainer and speaker, Anne Jirsch, is best known as an intuitive and leading world pioneer of Future Life Progression (FLP). In the latter half, she shared how clinical hypnosis and visualization can be used to discover one's best options regarding life choices, as well as to learn what the future holds for both individuals and the world at large. Not unlike a hypnotic past life regression, she progresses people into the future, and was surprised to discover that many predictive visions came to pass. She compared the process of FLP to remote viewing, or a kind of mind travel or telepathy. She views time as a loop or figure 8 that allows the mind to jump from one place to another.

Jirsch described seeing her future homes in FLP visions, and noted that the technique can give people clarity on their current situation or help them achieve their goals more quickly. She sees COVID-19 as clearing up, though in the short term, we may be sideswiped by other issues, and people should practice emergency preparedness. According to the progressions, 100 years from now, humanity has evolved and works more collaboratively. "Clean travel" and energy have been perfected, and a form of universal basic income will take the pressure off the population. In the far distant future, 1,000 years ahead, the progressions characterized humans as having evolved more into "energy beings." During the last hour, Jirsch offered psychic readings for callers.

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