UFO History & Disclosure / Energy Healing

UFO History & Disclosure / Energy Healing


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRichard Dolan, Cyndi Dale

In the first half, UFO historian Richard Dolan shared the latest news on UFOs and disclosure and recounted some compelling historical cases. He reported on a bill proposed by Senator Marco Rubio, as part of the 2020 Intelligence Authorization Act, which seeks to uncover more information about UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena), and possible adversarial foreign governments. What he finds particularly interesting is their quest to assign the unknown objects to a terrestrial government, as the technology exhibited by some of the craft in the released Pentagon videos and reports seems far in advance of current capabilities. They're creating a convenient fiction, he added, to downplay the notion that the craft have an otherworldly explanation.

He spoke about the Wilson Document, which he considers to be the "UFO leak of the century." The 15-page report covers a 1997 meeting that included Admiral Thomas Wilson, who was the head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Among the topics said to be discussed were UFO crash retrievals, and black budget programs set up to study UFO technology. Dolan recounted the Japan Airlines pilot sighting from 1986. As the plane flew over Alaska, crew members saw two UFOs from the cockpit. At one point, they were bathed in green light, and there was an enormous object that the two UFOs seemed connected to. He also pondered whether humanity was seeded or genetically altered by aliens or an intelligence in the ancient past. Geneticists have found an allele (a gene variant caused by interbreeding) in humans that did not come from Neanderthals, so this could be an indicator of external intervention, he noted.


Author, speaker, and natural intuitive Cyndi Dale has worked with over 70,000 clients, navigating the world of subtle energies. In the latter half, she discussed her energy healing techniques, and how they can be applied to trauma, stress, and chronic illness. She views energy as information that moves, and humans can be thought of as fields of energy. Sometimes we take on other people's negative energy without even being aware of it, she pointed out. Trauma is a kind of stress that people aren't able to process fully, she explained, and PTSD is a long term form of that. We've started to see some of that arise from the pandemic as it stretches on.

Some 50-70% of all Americans will have a chronic condition like pain, depression, or autoimmune disorder at some point, and she believes the source for a lot of these comes from trauma. To combat these conditions, we have to look at some of the unseen rather than physical factors, she suggested, and these might be revealed through meditation and hypnotic regression. Grounding is also an excellent energy technique, she said, in which a person gets in touch with nature, breathing, and the outdoor environment. We are open systems, she added, and we can pull good energy up into our bodies, which has a calming effect. She also touched on psychic vampires, and a caller shared his account of inadvertently being such a person.

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