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During the first three hours, UFO researcher Grant Cameron joined Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss recent UFO/UAP headlines from around the world, including the Wilson Document, the US Senate requesting all UFO data from the Pentagon, the current state of MUFON, and the ever-changing nature of the phenomenon. Having spent more than four decades attempting to unravel the mystery of UFOs, he marveled that "it's a completely different world today" than when he began back in 1975. To that end, Cameron observed that the past few years have seen new developments occurring at a frenetic pace, beginning with the 2017 New York Times article that revealed the Pentagon's secret program which studied UFOs up to last month's proposed Senate bill aimed at uncovering more information about the phenomenon.

He suggested that the next major breakthrough, which has been heavily rumored in the UFO research community over the last few weeks, is that the Times may soon publish another bombshell article on the phenomenon. Based on his sources, Cameron said, the piece will likely center around the Wilson Document and accounts of crashed flying saucer retrievals that were conducted by the United States government. He also theorized that perhaps reporters have been able to somehow confirm that there is a clandestine program devoted to such incidents. "If the New York Times confirms crashed saucers," he declared, "it's game over." Failing that, Cameron indicated that there appears to be several media outlets working on significant revelatory UFO stories as if there is "a race to see who's going to get there first."

Regarding the phenomenon itself, Cameron posited that it follows something of a pattern, of sorts, which he dubbed 'the theory of wow.' Extrapolating on this idea, he argued that UFOs have a history of behaving in a certain manner which seem to be specifically designed to capture our imagination. This is exemplified, he said, in short memorable sightings as well as strange and mysterious UFO-related trends can be seen emerging over the years and then largely dissipating after they have caught the interest of researchers. Cameron pointed to crop circles, cattle mutilations, and incidents of craft landing on the ground as examples of this peculiar attribute of the phenomenon. "What they're doing are these very bizarre things," he mused, "that try to get our attention."

The last hour of the program featured Open Lines.

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