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UFO Revelations / Big Pharma & Cancer

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Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Intelligence, Chris Mellon (1st hour), and former military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo (2nd hour), joined George Knapp to discuss their years of investigating aerial phenomena and the cases explored in the new season of "Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation" on the History Channel. Elizondo and Mellon commented on what governments know about these unexplained craft and witness accounts of UAP sightings from military and civilian personnel. One reason so little disclosure has happened around the UFO issue, said Mellon, is that Congress has been afraid to touch it, fearing that they'd be mocked. But now a new bill in the Senate seeks more information, as there is concern over security, after the release of the Pentagon videos.

The unknown craft perform at incredible speeds. In the case of the 'Tic Tac' video recorded by the jet from the USS Nimitz, "anything we know of would have been ripped apart under the stresses and forces of acceleration," Mellon pointed out. It's theoretically possible, Mellon continued, to modify space-time in the local vicinity of an object, so that occupants aboard such a craft wouldn't experience the effects of such extreme acceleration. He also discussed so-called "meta-materials," claimed to come from a UFO crash site, and how TTSA is conducting ongoing tests on the sample, looking for isotopic anomalies. Elizondo revealed that he spoke with a contact in Washington DC, who told him that he ran a program similar to Elizondo's AATIP (the secret Pentagon study of UFOs and aerial threats) all the way back in the 1980s.


According to investigative health journalist Dr. Ralph Moss, the cancer drug industry in the US is producing unproven drugs that do little to benefit cancer patients. He believes false claims are made by Big Pharma, while downplaying serious or severe side effects of their medications. Moss argues that the industry needs a complete overhaul, with replacement by a public agency that is motivated by concern for patients' welfare, rather than a greedy company's bottom line. Chemotherapy is a $100 billion business that's been manipulated to maximize profit, he cited, and is controlled by about nine big companies. While the vast majority of doctors want to serve their patients, the leaders of the oncology profession are making millions in speakers fees and honorariums from the drug companies, he disclosed.

Further, Moss continued, new cancer drugs can cost an individual patient $150,000, and it's not uncommon for the overall treatment package to balloon to $1 million for such a patient. Medicare, he said, has been prohibited from negotiating with the pharmaceutical companies for better prices. The new immunotherapy drug Keytruda has generated a staggering $8.8 billion in sales per year, and was popularized through TV ads (only the United States and New Zealand allow pharmaceutical ads on television). One reason why there is little congressional action to change the situation is that Big Pharma spends $283 million a year on lobbyists, he noted. Moss was also critical of drug trials, where the companies cherry-pick the participants who they think will yield the best results. Natural treatments, he added, never make it to Phase 3 trials, because it costs an exorbitant amount of money to prove their effectiveness to the FDA, and this is how Big Pharma keeps the small and alternative players out.

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