Investigating the Pandemic / Mysteries of Antarctica

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Investigating the Pandemic / Mysteries of Antarctica

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In the first half, investigative reporter Jon Rappoport discussed his latest findings investigating the data and reporting of the COVID-19 pandemic and the global reaction to it. He views the coronavirus as a manufactured story. "Largely, it's traditional diseases among the elderly who are already very weak" that are associated with the deaths, he contended, "and there have been many instances exposed where doctors...simply write COVID...on the death certificates with absolutely no back-up, no evidence, and they are produced as case numbers." The pandemic, he continued, is an "economic war" against the planet's population under the cover story of a medical disaster.

"Globalists" have been planning for something like this for decades, and the economic hit from the lockdown and closures of business around the world is incalculable, he said. Their goal is to make the population completely dependent on the state for their survival, he asserted, with an eventual move toward a collective or world governance of the planet, which will herald a kind of "technocratic slavery." Rappoport was also critical of the rushed efforts to create a vaccine. He doubts it will be effective and warned that it may require boosters like the flu shot every year. The American biotech company Moderna, now conducting a Phase 3 trial, has never brought a drug or vaccine to the market before, he cited, and is promoting an RNA technology that has never been approved or licensed for the public before.


In the latter half, novelist Thomas Greanias delved into mysteries of Antarctica and legends of Atlantis. There have been some exciting discoveries recently in Antarctica. Satellite data revealed that beneath Antarctica's ice is what the New York Times called a "graveyard of dead continents." In other research, neutrino particles (which normally bombard us from outer space) were detected coming out of the Antarctic ice. This anomaly could be evidence of an alternate reality or parallel universe, some suggested. While Greanias isn't willing to go that far, he does believe this discovery defies the laws of physics as we understand them.

The idea that Antarctica contains the remnants of lost continents fits in with his theory that it could be the ancient location of Atlantis, he added. He talked about his research into the Nazi's creation of a secret base in Antarctica (though he found no evidence they had UFO-like craft there). Greanias discussed America's 'Doomsday' plans, which he looks at in his new novel Red Glare. In a grim scenario of widespread collapse and governmental "decapitation," America could, in theory, occupy Antarctica, and declare it the new United States, he posited. Greanias also talked about America's relationship with China and possible mounting conflicts.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, John M. Curtis

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