How the Universe Ends / Edgar Cayce's Readings

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How the Universe Ends / Edgar Cayce's Readings

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Theoretical astrophysicist Dr. Katie Mack is currently an Assistant Professor of Physics at North Carolina State University. Throughout her career, she has studied dark matter, the early universe, galaxy formation, black holes, and cosmic strings. In the first half, she discussed five universe-ending possibilities proposed by cosmologists. While the universe has continued to expand, one idea is that eventually there could be a "Big Crunch," in which expansion reverses, and everything will collide and implode. That possibility is less likely than a continued enlargement, she pointed out, and if that is the case, the universe will become colder, darker, and emptier over time as it spreads out. Stars will burn out, and matter will decay as everything fades away. Yet, such a possibility is hardly imminent-- we have at least 200 billion years before that occurs, she mused.

The concept known as "Vacuum Decay" suggests that an instability is built into the universe. There could be a quantum event that happens randomly, "creating a bubble of a different kind of space," expanding through the universe at around the speed of light, and destroying everything in it. Another theory, said Mack, revolves around the notion that the cosmos goes through cycles, and after a "Big Crunch" there could be a rebirth of sorts, with a new Big Bang. As far as the Earth's demise, this will occur as our sun grows bigger and hotter. In about a billion years, she estimated, the oceans will be boiled off, and over the course of several more billion years, our planet will fall into the sun and be engulfed. She also talked about mysteries of dark matter and dark energy, and how only 5% of the universe is observable matter.


In the latter half, author and filmmaker Sidney Kirkpatrick talked about his work researching the life of the American prophet Edgar Cayce, and his many readings, conducted while in a trance state. As a youngster, Cayce talked extensively to imaginary playmates and had conversations with a deceased grandfather, Kirkpartrick recounted. One of the first examples of him going into a trance was when he was knocked unconscious at school and started answering questions about other people while in this state. As an adult, he offered many health-oriented readings for clients, and often it seemed as though various entities, such as a physician in a past life, were coming through to make diagnoses or suggestions.

It seemed that important inventors of the past also came through during the trances, and one device Cayce spoke about --the Aurascope-- has recently been successfully implemented, Kirkpatrick reported. There is a vast body of transcripts of the Cayce readings, and he covered many topics beyond just the health readings. One of his clients, a young girl named Faith Harding became famous in her own right, Kirkpatrick shared. She had gifts beyond his own, Cayce declared during trance readings with her. Indeed, she became known as the Little Prophetess, and made a number of correct predictions such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and FDR seeking a third term.

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