Coronavirus Controversies / Healing Techniques

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Coronavirus Controversies / Healing Techniques

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Board-certified emergency room physician Dr. Simone Gold also earned a Juris Doctorate from Stanford University Law School. As part of 'America's Frontline Doctors,' she condemned Twitter for censoring her account simply for sharing her medical opinion and believes her rights of free speech were infringed upon. In the first half, she spoke out about coronavirus and the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment. Deaths from COVID-19 are mainly seen by elderly patients with comorbid conditions, and she doesn't think the lockdown and closures make sense based on the medical data related to the larger population. "What does make rational sense," she continued, "is being careful about nursing home and assisted living patients...and giving people access to a drug that works, which is hydroxychloroquine when paired with zinc."

Despite wide-scale reporting that hydroxychloroquine has not proven to be helpful for COVID patients, Gold contended that the evidence is not in doubt that this treatment (the Zelenko protocol) works. When hydroxychloroquine was found not to be effective in medical studies, it was because they didn't pair it with zinc, or they gave it to people too late in the disease's progression, she argued. Further, she was critical of the climate of social distancing and mask-wearing, and claimed there was a "nefarious intent" behind making Americans live fearful lives. In addition to hydroxychloroquine with zinc (which she said could also be taken 1x a week as a prophylactic), she recommended the supplements quercetin and melatonin, especially for the elderly.


In the latter half, an expert on energy healing and mind-body medicine, Dr. Shelley Kaehr, discussed several cutting edge healing methods and her work with past lives. She detailed her research and experiences with 'Pythagorean Healing,' which involves using such things as primary numbers, binary code, platonic solids (geometrical patterns), and star symbols as healing techniques. These different methods can increase vibrational frequencies, she explained, and remove energy blockages in fields around the body. Additionally, she has worked with an Edgar Cayce/Egyptian technique that focuses more on interior body fields that are accessed through the crown of the head, and aid in making changes from the inside out.

The healing symbols are empowered through a person's imagination, she stated, and can remove unwanted influences. Kaehr has also used gemstones for various types of healing, and spoke about how bloodstone seems to "sacrifice part of itself to help you in your healing," as the color is drained out of it. Regarding her hypnotic regression work with past lives, she often tries to bring clients to the last day of an incarnation so they can more readily recall all the things they did in that life.

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