The Government and UFOs / Open Lines

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The Government and UFOs / Open Lines

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During the first part of the show, Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Randle discussed official investigations into UFO activity conducted by the United States Air Force (USAF) under Project Blue Book. He covered Blue Book's case history, as well as how internal politics and the Condon Report (which concluded the study of UFOs was unlikely to lead to useful scientific knowledge) brought an end to the USAF's public role in UFO investigations. During its active years, Blue Book collected over 12,000 cases of which a small percentage were considered unexplained or unidentified, Randle explained, noting several thousand cases were labeled "insufficient data for scientific analysis." He shared some of the best cases from Blue Book and how new information was brought to bear on these cases.

Randle recounted the Lonnie Zamora incident from 1964 in which a Socorro, New Mexico police officer claimed to have had a close encounter. It is no longer a single witness case, Randle revealed. "People had called the police station about something in the sky so it kind of corroborates Lonnie Zamora's tale about seeing the landed UFO, the two creatures, before it took off in the distance," he said. Randle also commented on the 1957 Levelland, Texas UFO case, pointing out the sheriff's daughter later reported her father had been asked by the USAF not to talk about the craft he saw that night. According to Randle, it is unlikely the government will ever disclose what they really know about UFOs. "I don't think disclosure is going to happen until the aliens land," he said.


The next 90 minutes of the program were devoted to Open Lines. Paul from Dayton, Ohio reported on UFO sightings over Wright-Patterson AFB in 1968. "We actually went out and measured a luminous blob floating over the runway," he recalled, noting Blue Book head Major Quintanilla suggested they were merely looking at Venus. "Many of those sightings, I think, just got buried," he said. Carolos in Carson, California told George about a dream he had several years ago about Dodgers baseball player Duke Snider. The next morning Carlos turned on the news to discover Snider had passed away. "That really floored me, I'm still stunned by that experience — I think it was some kind of message or something," he said.

Connie Willis of Blue Rock Talk phoned in at the top of hour three with a Where's Willis Update. She told George about a recent trip to a creepy hotspot in the Rockies, where she and her team encountered something strange in the woods which they captured on video.

The final half hour featured a replay of legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff from 11/14/16.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Peter Davenport

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