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One of America's top mediums, Allison DuBois, has successfully read for celebrities, skeptics, and scientists, and her life story was represented in the TV show Medium. In the first half, she discussed what it's like being a medium and profiler, and to communicate with the Other Side. Regarding her communications with the dead, they come to her based on her clients' needs, she explained. "I don't have to seek out the [departed] person. I just have to listen." She does not view the Other Side as somber or disturbed but rather as a place filled with light, where the spirits consider us as the ones who are dead. She served as a consultant for Medium, which ran for seven seasons. The program, she noted, was particularly accurate when depicting her life with her three daughters and scientist husband.

As portrayed in the TV show, some of her real daughters inherited her psychic gifts, particularly the youngest one. DuBois talked about her "head tap" ability to look inside the minds of the living, and how she worked as a jury consultant utilizing this. She was able to peer into the minds of killers on trial, and said with some of them it was like looking into the eyes of a shark-- there was no feeling or empathy inside them. She talked about her latest book, Love Can't Tell Time, which looks into the phenomenon of soul mates, and her podcast The Dead Life that delves into the realm of the afterlife. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers.


Psychologist and regression therapist, Dr. Linda Backman studied and later taught with famed developer of past life regression, Dr. Michael Newton. In the latter half, she talked about her research of reincarnation, past lives, and the time that souls spend between incarnations. She detailed three different types of souls, which have different origins in the higher realms-- Earth-based, interplanetary, and angelic-realm. The Earth-based ones incarnate most often on our planet, while the interplanetary souls primarily experience lives in places other than Earth, she explained. The angelic souls, she continued, are made by the Creator to serve the divine "with a very pure sense of compassion," and are needed on Earth to help with our struggles.

Interestingly, Backman has found that the majority of her regression clients have discovered that they are interplanetary souls. She discussed the concept of a Soul Pod-- a small group of souls who frequently incarnate together. A Conglomerate Soul Group combines a number of pods that share a similar agreement and commitment in their lives, she added. Backman suggested that most souls on Earth now could be considered adolescent rather than mature. She also touched on such things as parallel incarnations (when a soul lives more than one life at a time), the Earth Council (evolved souls or guides that attempt to assist humanity), and the Interplanetary Council (evolved beings from around the universe).

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