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Fatima & America's Stonehenge / Dream Decoding & Infuences

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In the first half, author, lecturer, and filmmaker L. A. Marzulli discussed his latest work researching the 1917 Fatima events, as well as updates on mysteries surrounding ancient mounds and America's Stonehenge. Regarding the October 13, 1917 'Miracle of the Sun' event in Portugal, Marzulli said he was given access to photographs taken that day, and what he observed was something disc-like in shape. To him, the object was reminiscent of a UFO rather than the hard-to-fathom idea of the sun coming down into the atmosphere. And instead of three children at Fatima interacting with a Marian apparition, he has concluded it was a "harbinger of deception." He talked about the Nephilim, said to be hybrid beings or giants created by fallen angels mating with human women.

He spoke about the mysterious mounds in the United States, such as the Octagon in Ohio, which is so large that it encompasses 50 acres and was designed with advanced mathematics and surveying. Rather than built by Native Americans, he suspects that the fallen angels may have constructed some of the mounds, which serve as gateways or portals. The ancient site known as America's Stonehenge in New Hampshire includes a sacrificial altar with a hidden chamber, and is "very similar to a chamber I was in on the island of Sardinia that was called the Tomb of the Giants," he recalled. America's Stonehenge, he continued, is aligned to the constellation Draco and contains a curious stone relic that was eventually deciphered to be a dedication to the ancient Canaanite god, Baal. Marzulli will be a presenter at an upcoming virtual conference in September, Nephilim Again.

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LA Marzulli shares a video trailer and images. Pictured is a standing stone from America's Stonehenge during the solstice.


In the latter half, author, hypnotherapist, and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training, Kelly Sullivan Walden, talked about the significance of dreams, and how they can be influenced by outside sources, as well as decoded. She reported on the first-of-its-kind Dream & Sleep experiment in the UK, wherein participants attempted to influence sleepers' dream content. One finding she shared was that the dreamer would typically only remember details that were especially meaningful for them. For instance, if someone whispered a series of names to the sleeper, they would only report hearing their name and those of their loved ones. 

People can negatively impact or influence others' dreamscape in a kind of "Dream Interference," Walden cited, though we can protect ourselves with sleep time meditations (she is offering a free set during August) focusing on such things as gratitude and relaxation. As a child, Kelly and her sister experienced a shared dream phenomenon where they both seemed to end up in each other's dreams simultaneously. According to shamanic understanding, everything important in our lives starts in the dream form, and this can often play out in precognitive dreams or premonitions. During this last hour, she offered interpretations and ways to decode callers' dreams.

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