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Solar Cosmic Waves / Spiritual Teachings

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In the first half of the program, science writer Paul LeMay presented his latest work on cosmic waves from the sun, which are elevating the Schumann resonance to all time measured highs and, in turn, allowing human physiology to achieve pops of enlightened states of consciousness without meditation and spiritual practice. He explained that the sun emits radiation which interacts with the Earth's atmosphere to create lightning and, in turn, this discharged energy spawns a global electromagnetic frequency known as the 'Schumann resonance.' Remarkably, he noted that this radiation has increased by 18% over the last five years and scientists predict that it will "climb up to 75 percent."

The expected rise in radiation, LeMay said, will result in a tremendous increase in the Schumann resonance frequency. He postulated that this should have a profound impact on human physiology as the human brain will then synch with the higher frequency by way of a process known as entrainment. "As the Schumann resonance climbs," he marveled, "our brain and our mind is being pulled up to these higher levels of vibration even though we're not familiar with them." Ultimately, LeMay posited, this may result in the average layperson developing "a range of mental function that usually only available to monks who have been meditating for many years."


In the latter half, Jason Shurka discussed his contact with a clandestine spiritual organization that he says has secretly existed on this planet for millennia. "This is the first time in history," he declared, "that they have given permission to speak about them publicly." The group, Shurka revealed, is known as 'The Light System' (TLS) and consists of "roughly 7,000 initiated agents," including a number of well-known individuals from the worlds of politics, the media, and entertainment. Although he has not been told who created the organization nor when, he said that the purpose of the group was to elevate the spirituality of humanity in order to bring about an "age of love."

According to Shurka, his liaison who belongs to the TLS and chose him as a messenger for the group gave him a document titled 'The Pyramid Code' which explained how the iconic structures in Egypt were constructed in 2750 BC by four races of beings that came to the Earth as both a means of escaping their home worlds as well as with a mission to elevate the human race. Beneath the pyramids, he claimed, were hidden various advanced technological instruments, spaceships that these entities used to arrive on our planet, and written records that detail the incredible story which he has been told. At some point in the future, when humanity is prepared to receive such knowledge, Shurka said, we will be given a literal code which will unlock the true secrets of the pyramids.

The final half hour of the program featured George's 2004 interview with astronaut Mike Foale and cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri, who were stationed aboard the ISS at the time of the conversation.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi & Dr. John Curtis

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