Mental Health / Parapsychology Testing

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Mental Health / Parapsychology Testing

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In the first half of the program, Dr. Carole Lieberman discussed the detrimental effects of the lockdown on mental health as well as how to deal with paranormal experiences without feeling like you're going crazy. Over the last few months, she said, many people adhering to stay at home orders have experienced anxiety, depression and PTD while, in some cases, the abuse of alcohol and domestic violence has also increased. "It all pretty much started," she observed, "not so much from coronavirus itself, but the lockdowns." As such, she advised individuals struggling with these issues to concentrate on building their immune systems, "putting laughter in your day," and getting exercise in order to alleviate the stress brought about by these difficult living conditions.

On the subject of paranormal experiences, Lieberman expressed the belief that "in a number of cases" such events appear to have genuinely occurred and are not the product of a mental health issue. However, if people who have had such encounters with the unknown "become obsessed with this experience and it starts taking over their life," she cautioned, "then that is not healthy" and one has to "consider what this experience really was." During her appearance, Lieberman also shared her own story of high strangeness which took place when she ingested ayahuasca during a trip to Peru and interacted with what might best be called 'spirit beings' that she initially thought were native people in the room with her.


In the latter half, Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center John G. Kruth discussed his parapsychology research. He was joined by Edd Edwards, who detailed his remarkable to manipulate energy which has been extensively tested at the Rhine Bioenergy Lab. Kruth explained that while parapsychology is often mistakenly thought of as being the paranormal in general, he clarified that it actually consists of five very specific fields: telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, 'survival study,' which is the exploration of life after death phenomena, and psychokinesis. It is that last realm of study which brought Kruth into contact with Edwards, who has been able to control energy since he was a child.

Edwards recounted how he first learned of this ability as a youngster spending time with his grandmother, who practiced a form of hands-on healing and encouraged him to explore his own psychokinetic skills. "I'd be playing with the energy and it was just all natural," he recalled, "I thought this was something everybody had." As he grew older, Edwards continued to refine his abilities and eventually was driven to search for answers as to where it came from and how it worked. This brought him to the Rhine Bioenergy Lab, where his unique skill has been studied for nearly a decade and, Kruth marveled, has been consistently demonstrated in a scientific setting.

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