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Filling in for George Noory, George Knapp welcomed author Mike Damante for a discussion on his latest book, Punk Rock and UFOs: Stranger Than Fiction, which aims to normalize the paranormal through current pop culture, mythology, fiction and its connection to unexplained phenomena. Damante called Stranger Than Fiction his best work to date as it ties together threads of seemingly disparate subjects from his first two books in the series. When [readers] see a story on the news about UFOs, or they're watching a Marvel movie, or Star Wars, they'll be able to tie that to... prior knowledge from something they've seen in history, mythology, and science," he said.

It is the golden age of UFOs with the topic prevalent in the news and popular media, Damante continued. According to Damante, traditional scientific investigation cannot answer every aspect of the UFO phenomenon. "science doesn't define everything," he proclaimed. Two areas where science falls flat is connecting UFOs to religious texts and consciousness, Damante proposed. Alien beings have figured out consciousness and with it the ability to travel to other universes. Different states of mind, even death, may one day allow humans to travel to other places in the universe as well, he speculated. Damante also suggested abduction cases involve the transfer of consciousness rather than abductees physically being taken into mechanical craft.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. Jeff in Juneau, Alaska, shared his theory the 1980 superhero film Superman 2 is a mockery of the New Testament. According to Jeff, Superman's logo contains an upside down triangular shape that has to do with the Star of David and astrology. The letter "S" in the logo stands for Satan and the three criminals from Krypton (General Zod, Ursa and Non) represent the Trinity, he revealed. They're kind of mocking the whole gospel story," Jeff said.

Another caller phoned in with a frightening encounter that took place a few weeks ago at around one in the morning. The caller described seeing movement by the bedroom door and a man moving towards the bed. He was wearing a shirt with blue rectangles and jeans, and did nothing but watch. According to the caller, yelling "get out of here" several times sent the intruder toward the bathroom door where he simply vanished into thin air.

Isaac in Anaheim, California, suggested the change of acronym from UFO to UAP in government documents should raise questions about the nature of this phenomena. Isaac talked about drones which "look like little mini UFOs." If the government is 50 years ahead of current technology, maybe they have had advanced drones flying in the skies for decades, he speculated. Isaac also advised interested parties to follow the money to see who benefits from UAPs.

At the top of the third hour, George played a brief clip of reporter Kellie Meyer talking about UAP investigations with Senator Marco Rubio.

Knapp's News 8/28/20

George Knapp shares a number of recent news items of interest, including a look into how life may look and function on alien worlds, a report on how artificially intelligent computers and robots may one day develop theory of mind, and an article examining if aliens contacted us in 1977:

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