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In the first half of the program, Dr. Michael Salla discussed the latest developments with the newly formed Space Force and how it may ultimately connect to UFO disclosure. He asserted that the creation of a space-based branch of the armed forces was done in response to the clandestine militarization of space by China. As of now, Salla explained, Space Force has very few assets aside from some satellites and a handful of craft like the mysterious X-37B minishuttle. However, he suggested that this will soon change and postulated that part of the purpose of creating the department was to have a way to publicly reveal secret advanced spacecraft that the United States government has actually possessed for decades.

Rather than admit that they have been keeping these fantastic vehicles a secret, Salla theorized, the military will instead claim that they have only recently been designed specifically for the Space Force. He argued that the UFO seen in the much-discussed Tic Tac video was actually one such craft and that it purposely encountered Navy pilots as a way of testing its capabilities against our defenses. Regarding the recently announced Pentagon UFO Task Force, Salla opined that it will be used to portray UFOs as a threat in order to persuade the public to support increased funding of Space Force. As for extraterrestrials, he put forward the idea that they are watching this all unfold and "taking a backseat to humans" while we work through this transition period. During his appearance, Salla also expressed concern that some nefarious force within the government is going to orchestrate a false flag event wherein it will appear that the Earth has been hit by an asteroid sometime before the election.


In the latter half, C2C investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented her interview with the owner, publisher, and editor of FATE Magazine, Phyllis Galde, who revealed her own paranormal experiences and reflected on the enormous legacy of the publication which has been in continuous print for a jaw-dropping 72 years, constituting more than 700 issues and around 30,000 stories. Intriguingly, she said that they will often receive three articles on the same topic submitted at the same time and mused that "It's like the magazine itself is speaking to me and tells me what to publish." Regarding the many amazing first-hand paranormal stories reported by FATE readers, she mused that "everyone can have these experiences and we just need to open up our consciousness."

To that end, Galde shared several accounts of high strangeness from her own life, beginning with how she grew up in a haunted house, which is what she credited with inspiring her interest in the paranormal. According to her, she is often visited by the spirits of people shortly after they have passed away. "As soon as I hear someone has died, then I'll get a vision," she said, and "sometimes they're speaking, sometimes it's light and images and smell." Galde also recalled a remarkable experience that took place when she was selling her home in Minneapolis. "I was driving down the road," she recalled, "and I heard the house speak to me." According to her, the residence told her in a deep voice that she had been "a good steward, that I'd get a good price on the house, and it would choose the new owners." This astounding incident led her to conclude that "there's consciousness in everything, even inanimate objects."

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