Lunar Discoveries / Subconscious Power

Lunar Discoveries / Subconscious Power


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRick Sterling, Kimberly Friedmutter

In the first half, space science consultant Rick Sterling discussed the unusual structures in the lunar crater Paracelsus C, the recent Russian-Chinese plan for a joint lunar base, if the US should cooperate with this venture, and the latest news from space. Based on the published research of Mark Carlotto, Sterling believes there is substantial evidence for artificial structures or artifacts at Paracelsus. There appears to be an entrance to a passageway, with an excavated area possibly connected to an underground mining operation. He considers it likely that these are remnants of a previously visiting ET civilization, and recommends that NASA send an unmanned lander or probe to investigate.

Sterling is concerned that China may set up a presence on the moon before the United States. He maintained that the US Space Force is absolutely necessary to protect both military and civilian satellites (needed for GPS and communications), as well as to guard American astronauts and assets that may be stationed on the lunar surface in the near future. Further, if there is advanced technology to be gleaned from the Paracelsus artifacts, America could fall far behind if Russian and China access them first, Sterling warned. The Space Force is also involved in 'space situational awareness,' which prevents orbiting objects from colliding.


In the latter half, hypnotherapist Kimberly Friedmutter, who works with some of Hollywood's best-known luminaries, talked about bringing your conscious mind in line with your subconscious desires using quick and easy hypnotic hacks. She listed several principles for accessing or tapping into your subconscious power, including tracking whether you're moving away or toward something you want, using judgment to inform your decisions, and how we can all rise up together. She starts clients off with a direct challenge: "Go with your intuition, your instincts, and your gut impulses for one week and see how that week goes." This simple process puts people back in touch with themselves, she explained.

The subconscious, she detailed, is the layer under our daily tasks and thinking, and is inhabited by such things as memories, dreams, aspirations, habits, and addictions. By dialing up the volume on the subconscious, we can become more aware of its influence, she suggested. Negative emotions --anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt-- can pull us down like a weight in water, Friedmutter remarked. She offered an exercise to combat immersion in these emotions. Focusing on your peripheral vision (allowing your eyesight to diffuse out) will almost instantly disconnect from the unwanted emotion, she said. We can also delete negative emotions tied to certain events, she added, as it doesn't serve us to hold on to or collect unfavorable feelings as part of our identity.

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