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Numerology Insights / Marley Woods Anomalies

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In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants discussed how she predicted 2020 would be a year of dramatic energy and what to expect energetically for the remaining four months. September is a "9" month, she said, and invites us to pare down and get rid of things we don't need. This month has a repeating energy that can be used to our advantage, with certain numbers being in alignment-- September 1, 3, 5, and the 7th are good dates for this effect, she cited. Tonight, she continued, there is a full moon, and this is an ideal time to do affirmations and make a list of what you're trying to achieve. Along those lines, she is offering a free 15-minute Prosperity Affirmation.

October is a "1" month and indicates movement and the regaining of power, she detailed, while November is the master number of "11" that breaks down into a "2" energy, which represents a "doorway of opportunity." Regarding the presidential election and candidates, she noted that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are both born on the 20th day of their respective months, and thus share a similar energy or appearance. Election day-- 11/3/2020-- is a "nine" day, which means that "all are welcome," and she thinks there will be a tremendous turnout of voters. People with a "2" as a significant part of their numerology chart have been more impacted by the emotions of this year as related to the pandemic, she revealed. Since many have been isolated during this time, pet adoption is up, and she provided a document for 'Naming Your Pet By the Numbers.' McCants (whose toll-free number is 877-686-2373) believes that the year 2022 will bring a positive shift for the United States, in relation to the country's birth numbers.


In the latter half, UFO researcher Thomas M. Ferrario spoke about his work with the late Ted Phillips, one of the world's leading researchers of UFO trace cases, and a mysterious UFO hot spot in Missouri known as Marley Woods. Over the years, Phillips personally investigated over 3,000 documented UFO cases, in places as far-flung as Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Soviet Union. The remote location of Marley Woods, a site several miles in size, has been kept from the public as the property owners value their privacy, Ferrario explained. Structured craft, unseen forces, light balls and strange lights, agriglyphs, cattle mutilations, and anomalous animals have all been observed there.

Ted Phillips was the first investigator to study Marley Woods, which famed UFO researcher Jacques Vallee declared had greater potential for high strangeness than even Skinwalker Ranch. One of the odd creatures reported there appeared to have aspects of a white dog, a sloth, and a polar bear, and was estimated to weigh around 400 lbs, and at times walked on two legs, Ferrario noted. White hairs were sent in for microscopy and DNA work and came back as "no known match." He also talked about the Moon shaft project, which involved the shocking discovery of an ancient "mechanical" man-made structure located deep underground in a cave in Slovakia. Related video.

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Thomas Ferrario shares images of anomalies from Marley Woods and other locations. View the full set of images.

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