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Military Threats & Biometrics / Hypnosis & Life Extension

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In the first half, Joel Skousen discussed the escalating military threat of China against Taiwan and Hong Kong, how COVID-19 will usher in a new era in biometric identification, and how 5G plays into it. Skousen said he was "shocked at how many people are prepared to buy into...[the] pandemic" and warned against what he sees as a coming mandate to receive a COVID vaccine, in which those that don't have it might be restricted. He suggested that COVID "was never a threat to healthy people" and that the virus becomes more contagious and less dangerous as it mutates.

Quoting a 2001 speech from a Chinese General who said that China needed "living space," Skousen believes they are "intending to kill Americans" to achieve this goal. He also spoke about a "mass exodus" from Hong Kong to Taiwan, and thinks that the Chinese military is engaging in actions to provoke some sort of military action to see if the U.S. will honor its commitment to protect Taiwan. He said that China will not shy away from a nuclear first strike against the United States "in our lifetime." Skousen doesn't think 5G technology causes COVID-19, but that it could be used to track people inside buildings and follow those "who are a threat to the New World Order."


Dr. Bruce Goldberg conducts an international hypnotherapy practice specializing in reincarnation, time travel, and soul healing. In the second half, he shared his research, which shows that hypnosis can slow down and even reverse the aging process. Using these techniques, Dr. Goldberg claims we could extend human lifespans to between 120 and 140 years. Goldberg says that this can be achieved by a self-hypnosis technique he has developed, which can "add 20-25 years to the life span." He believes that the body's production of DHEA is the key to slowing the aging process and that we can naturally stimulate the production of this hormone through daily meditation and visualization.

Goldberg continued with his idea that the human body has both "a chronological age and a biological age." While we can't control how old we are, we can affect how old we look and feel, he remarked, and how our bodies function through a combination of techniques and practices. In addition to meditation and visualization, we should set aside time each day to relax, as well as exercise at least "every other day" with something as simple as a brisk 20-minute walk, he continued. Further, we can strengthen our immunity to such diseases as COVID by using his methods, he added.

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