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Dreams & Manifestation / Open Lines

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A former lecturer in ancient history at the Australian National University, Robert Moss is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism. He discussed his near-death experiences, imagination, and how dreams can manifest desires of the heart. Moss has had multiple NDEs, including one at three years old when he got pneumonia and another at nine when he died on the operating table during an emergency appendectomy. Moss recalled watching the surgery from above, drifting down the hallway to see his mother grieving for him, and traveling to a local theme park at the beach. While there he was pulled down into another world populated by what he described as beautiful people. "They received me as their own, and I seemed to live a whole life among them," he said.

According to Moss, the secret wishes of the soul are revealed in dreams. He spoke about a crisis of imagination, which can lead to giving up and putting oneself in a box in terms of what is possible. "Growing your imagination is about seeing possibilities beyond the obvious... tuning to that secret wish of the soul, that heart's desire if you can find it, and then beginning to grow a vision of possibility," Moss explained. Everything that happens to us is dependent on what we can perceive and imagine, he added.

Dreams are like movies that are made just for us, Moss continued. He suggested listeners develop a way that allows them to remember, share, and receive feedback on dreams. "It's about bringing something through [your dreams] that you can live in your physical body in ordinary life," he noted. Moss pointed out one of the most fascinating aspects of dreaming is it how it can teach us that consciousness or the soul survives death. Another bonus of dreaming in the age of COVID-19 is one can be as social as he or she likes in the dream world, as well as travel without ever leaving home.

The remainder of the program was devoted to Open Lines. The final half hour featured a replay from 8/1/2017 when space historian Robert Zimmerman discussed the latest in space developments.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Kevin Randle / Tim Binnall

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