Demonic Infiltration / Ranking the Presidents

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Demonic Infiltration / Ranking the Presidents

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The institutions of education, entertainment, science, and information and communication technology have been distorted or usurped by the demonic realm, according to Pastor Carl Gallups who joined host Richard Syrett (Twitter) during the first half of Saturday's program. Gallups spoke about the deluge of demonic infiltration he believes pours forth upon humanity from all these sources, but especially from within the institutional church. There is a cosmic interdimensional spiritual war that has gone on since the beginning of time, he explained, noting how Satan disguises himself as an angel of light to deceive the world.

Gallups delved into four parables from the gospel of Matthew (sower, weeds, mustard seed, and yeast). "All four of those parables... speak of this insidious infiltration of the work of the kingdom of God by the demonic realm," he revealed. The flood of demonic infiltration spoken about metaphorically by Jesus through the parables is happening now in the church and is exactly what he said would happen before his return, Gallups continued. There is filth and wickedness in high places within the visible institutional church, he warned, adding as it gets closer to the end it will become even more difficult to distinguish what is true from what is not.


In the latter half of the show, Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, discussed his evaluation and ratings of the U.S. presidents. The president has a few enumerated Constitutional powers, including Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and concluding treaties with other nations, Spencer explained. The president's [primary] responsibility is to make sure that the Constitutional Republic functions as it was intended to by the Founding Fathers," he said, noting the president should also be focused on the well-being of Americans.

Spencer's presidential ratings scale goes from zero through ten, which is the highest mark of a great presidency. He spoke at some length about the first president, George Washington, who sets the example of great presidents and ultimately defined what it means to hold the office. According to Spencer, Washington's greatest contribution to the nation was leaving the presidency when he could have been president for as long as he wanted. "He relinquished it because he wanted to establish the principle that the American presidency was not something that should be pursued by people who simply wanted power," he said. Spencer covered other Founding Fathers noting their presidencies were quite flawed. He also commented on the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, who scored 10/10 for leading the country through the Civil War, abolishing slavery, and using his presidential powers judicially.

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