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In the first half, author Howard Bloom who leans left, and columnist John M. Curtis who leans right, went toe to toe in a debate involving our upcoming elections, the economy, and the COVID environment. The US is the world's leader in COVID deaths, and Bloom placed the blame squarely on inept American policies. He suggested that if the country had emulated South Korea (early testing, quarantining, and contact tracing), the American mortality rate would be far lower. Curtis countered by remarking that "it's an absolute hoax...that the United States is doing worse with COVID than any of the other countries." He added that WHO denied access to information about how many people actually died in Wuhan, China, and he believes there was an enormous cover-up.

Bloom expressed concern that Pres. Trump would try to push a vaccine through before it was safe, while Curtis denied that assertion and said such a product would only be released when the scientific community and drug manufacturer determined it was safe and effective. Curtis finds it unreasonable that Democrats are concerned that Trump would not accept the 2020 election outcome. He believes Democrats never accepted the 2016 results, and the entire national security apparatus was used to try and get Trump out of office, and impeach him on fraudulent charges. Bloom characterized Trump as an extraordinarily dishonest and untrustworthy person—"as of four months ago, he had told 20,000 lies in office." Curtis painted Joe Biden as a corrupt warmonger who is clueless about the economy. Our Instapoll results showed listeners had a decisive preference for Curtis-- 82.9%, with Bloom trailing at 15.85%.


Dr. Melvyn Willin has researched paranormal phenomena for over twenty-five years and has two doctorates in related aspects of the subject. In the latter half, he updated his latest research of paranormal phenomena and music, and the Enfield Poltergeist case of 1977. He recently completed a project administrated by Cambridge University to digitize hundreds of videos of alleged paranormal phenomena and related material, and has also put together books of ghost photos-- the majority of which were shot from before the Photoshop era. Willin has concluded that most ghostly activity represents a kind of "playback" from a previous time that can be perceived by certain individuals.

There have been numerous incidents of strange unexplained music that seem to have a paranormal origin-- there is no extant source of the sounds, but multiple witnesses can clearly hear them, he detailed. One striking case, he recounted, was that of (the late) British channeler Rosemary Brown, who was said to communicate with great deceased composers like Beethoven, Liszt, and Chopin, and wrote down their compositions as they relayed them to her (related video). In the Enfield case, which involved four children in the home, there had been violent episodes such as chairs and objects flying around without an apparent source. Willin determined that some of it was faked, but other aspects were genuinely inexplicable.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Dr. Peter Breggin, Kevin Randle

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