Moon Mysteries / Seances & Energy Clearing

Moon Mysteries / Seances & Energy Clearing


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsConstance Victoria Briggs, Patti Negri

Metaphysical, spiritual, and cosmic researcher Constance Victoria Briggs investigates the mysteries of the universe and how they connect to humanity. In the first half, she discussed her work on Moon mysteries and anomalies, as well as touched on the evidence for ancient astronauts, and angelic communication. She recounted reports that when astronaut Neil Armstrong first stepped onto the Moon, he observed unknown craft lined along a crater and later Buzz Aldrin saw an ethereal ET approach the Apollo hatch. Legendary remote viewer Ingo Swann had fascinating visions of the Moon, she noted. He saw humanoid "moon-dwellers" who could breathe on the surface, as well as robotic workers putting together a laser mechanism in an area that had buildings, roads, and factories. During the remote viewing session, the extraterrestrials sensed Swann's presence, and some of the beings allegedly followed him back to Earth.

Briggs explored the 'Spaceship Moon Theory,' which posits that the Moon is artificial and was towed into place. Our satellite may be hollow (astronauts said it rang like a bell), and Russian research backs the idea it's composed of artificial elements, she cited. She shared ancient lore that reflected a similar concept, such as from the Zulu tribe, who considered the Moon to be a hollowed-out egg that was brought across space by celestial beings. If the Moon was purposefully placed, that could explain why we never see the Far Side, she added, as there may be clandestine activity going on there. A 12-mile long formation on the Moon, known as 'The Bridge,' seems to have disappeared, she continued, and it's been proposed that it was dismantled by ETs to help keep their presence a secret.


In the latter half, psychic-medium and "good witch," Patti Negri, talked about her work in various projects, TV shows, and seances, and shared how she uses elemental 'old world' techniques to create spells and rituals. She works with energy and is involved in space clearing and removing negative vibes and spirits from such places as law offices, stores, and Beverly Hills mansions (including encouraging the ghost of Aaron Spelling to vacate his manor). Speaking of her recurring role on the TV series, Ghost Adventures, she mentioned episodes about the 'Black Dahlia' house, and Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. At the museum, she felt the presence of a British woman who wanted to cook her in a cauldron. She later learned the woman was doing dark magic around serial killer Ed Gein's cauldron.

Negri recalled a séance she conducted at a home in the Hollywood Hills in which one of the participants was being very disrespectful. Unexplained phenomena ensued, including a cameraman's shirt suddenly catching fire. From the burn, the cameraman sustained a tattoo-like marking on his back that greatly resembled a dragon. That serpentine image was "the exact energy I called in to shut down the séance," Negri declared. She offered tips to combat negative energies like working with cascarilla powder (eggshells), and sigils (inscribed or painted symbols). Stones and crystals can also be powerful, she added, with black tourmaline being one of the best for converting negative energy into positive. For more, check out Negri's podcast series, The Witching Hour.

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