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In the first half, horror author and chronicler of the 'Visitors' saga of continuing contact, Whitley Strieber, shared updates on ufology, and his anomalous experiences. Former Senator Harry Reid recently remarked that the US is holding back UFO information, and Strieber suggested this could be the case for several reasons: the 'aliens' insist upon it; the news is overwhelmingly terrible; or it's classified because weapons technology could be developed from it and a policy of lying and denial has long been in place. "Conspiracy theories are blooming like mushrooms right now," he added, correlating the rise of such theories with the 2017 Pentagon UFO revelations. People began to wonder what was being kept from them, he commented, and many wild speculations are now taken to be true. To counter this, he said, "we have to end the whole process of secrecy" that has become the playbook of the military-industrial complex.

Whitley recounted his experiences of seeing into a parallel or mirror world at Pine Ridge Reservation in 2019 while attending a conference. Traveling in a car, "what I saw was a completely different version of the world when I closed my eyes." He described traveling on a dirt road that was different than the highway they were on. These experiences continued for three days whenever he closed his eyes. He didn't see an alien world, just one different yet somewhat similar to where he was. Strieber also detailed the strange occurrence of visitors that bypassed his home alarm system and seemingly placed an 'alien' implant in his ear, which in recent years, he credits with providing him with information and inspiration.


Considered to be one of the most influential figures on modern vampyrism, Father Sebastiaan, became part of this subculture in 1992, and is known for his contributions in the areas of philosophy, fangmaking, and nightlife. In the latter half, he talked about variations in vampirism and his interest in this world. He prefers the older Victorian spelling of vampyr, as for him, it's associated with the subculture or lifestyle, whereas vampire refers more to the fiction and literature around it. The subculture has continued to grow over the years, he reported, and while they don't live forever like their fictional counterparts, vampires do have a slightly different aura or frequency.

There are several types of vampyres, and variations within those groups, he explained, including sanguine (blood drinkers), life force vampires, and psychic vampires. He added that people from all walks of life may have this predilection in order to balance their energy or maintain their spiritual health. In addition to his fangmaking work (Sebastiann is a trained dental technician), he's involved in creating social events around the lifestyle. In the pandemic era, his 'Endless Night' Halloween Vampire Ball has moved into the virtual space. He also spoke about the life of his dear friend, author Rosemary Ellen Guiley, who passed away in 2019, and had a long-standing interest in vampires and wrote several works on the topic, as well as the foreword to Sebastiann's latest book, Black Veils.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Kevin Randle

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