Geoengineering & Toxins / Hopi Prophecy & Cosmology

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Geoengineering & Toxins / Hopi Prophecy & Cosmology

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Matthew Landman holds an MBA and was entrenched in the financial world when he decided to take a break to work on an organic farm in Humboldt County, where he became aware of geoengineering (chemtrails). In the first half, he discussed his ongoing efforts to raise awareness about toxins and damage from chemtrails, electromagnetic fields (EMF), vaccines, and 5G. He believes that a rogue group of elitists is behind the skies' spraying, as part of a "New World Order" agenda, and their efforts may cause a food shortage this winter. NASA and the government also run different programs that experiment with the stratosphere and the climate. These agencies think that geoengineering is the solution to climate warming, but Landman considers their efforts to be the culprit behind recent droughts and extreme weather events.

Regarding the potential COVID vaccine, he warned that the aluminum in the formula will create a toxic chemical reaction in the body. Coupled "with the increased EMF radiation from the launch of 5G," people will become psychologically malleable or zombified from the vaccine, leaving them easily controlled, he asserted. 5G, the next generation of mobile network technology, will make humans more susceptible to EMF radiation, he contended (he has founded the Spero Protective Clothing line to block or mitigate exposure). Landman also cautioned about the "blue light" emitted from all of our LED screens, which can disorient the body's natural circadian rhythms, particularly when we use these devices at night.


For almost two decades, William Warwick IV has been researching and investigating UFO sightings from people all over Virginia and Arizona, as well as his own encounters. In the latter half, he spoke about Hopi prophecy and cosmology as told to him by one of the few remaining elders, a man he referred to as Grandfather Malava. From genetic studies, we can think of the Hopi as an offshoot of the ancient Maya, Warwick said. According to Hopi lore, their god Massau led them to the mesas of Arizona, which mirrored the location of certain stars at the time. Rather than a linear progression, the Hopi view time as a repeating cycle, and predict the future from past events.

The Hopi view informs Warwick's understanding of aliens and ufology, he shared. Grandfather Malava explained that some of the beings we think of as extraterrestrial are actually from Earth and evolved with us, while living underground. The so-called "Ant People" species was enslaved at the same time that early humans were, Malava told him. 3-4 feet tall, these insectoid beings apparently had crystals they used to illuminate their subterranean chambers, he continued. Further, the Ant People were enlisted to help re-build the three pyramids at Giza (called ant hills), Malava disclosed. Like huge versions of leafcutter ants, the Ant People could have carved the interior of the pyramids, and been able to lift many times their weight, Warwick theorized, adding that these beings may have excreted the mysterious concrete that holds together the blocks. Warwick also discussed the Hopi's Blue Star Kachina prophecy, in which a celestial object orbits near Earth, allowing humanity to contemplate their demise if they don't change their destructive ways.

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