2020 Election Special

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2020 Election Special

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In this 2020 election night special, George Noory reported voting results as they unfolded along with various guests who shared their insights during the first half of the program. First up, author Jerome Corsi commented that he thought there could be a protracted court battle over the presidential race results, but that President Trump would eventually be declared the winner. He finds early voting to be a chaotic process, and problematic in that voters might change their mind about who to cast their ballot for depending on developments in the last days of the race.

Analyst John M. Curtis and author Howard Bloom (who recently debated each other on C2C) appeared in a counterpoint segment together. Bloom was critical of Trump for declaring via Twitter that he'd already won before all the votes were counted, which goes against the idea of American democracy. Curtis pointed out that while some states hadn't been called yet, many of them were going Trump's way, and that Joe Biden had no path without winning such states as Florida, Ohio, or Pennsylvania. "If the trends hold right now...Trump will win this election," with around 292 electoral votes, said Curtis. Bloom expressed concern that if Trump wins, America's cherished values of honesty, decency, pluralism, tolerance, and freedom of speech will be further eroded.

Prophecy expert John Hogue (who had just appeared on last night's show) revised his prediction of Trump's electoral college victory of 320 votes to a smaller number. He foresees legal battles over the vote in Pennsylvania and possibly Wisconsin. Hogue hopes that after this election, polling will be discontinued since it has become so misleading. America is coming to the end of a cycle, he added, and while it will no longer be the "empire" it once was, the country will become more of a spiritual center, even as it traverses a difficult path over the next four years.

Astrologer William Stickevers connected the delays and disruptions around the election to a period of Mercury retrograde (which is just coming to an end). We are also "in the zone of the eclipse" (due on December 14th), he remarked, and this can have a disturbing effect some 60 days before its occurrence. Stickevers predicted that Trump will win with 294-300 electoral college votes announced between now and Friday. He also foresees a high probability of Trump fully finishing his second term.

During the latter half, Open Lines were featured, with callers discussing the election and other topics.

News segment guests: Chris Ruddy, John M. Curtis, Catherine Austin Fitts

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