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Joseph A. Olson is a retired engineer with over 100 major civil engineering and climate-related articles to his name, and is a founding member of Principia Scientific International. Olson joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the emerging scientific field of magnetobiology and the possible connections between electromagnetic fields and health. Olson began with a discussion of the effects of ionizing radiation, and pointed out that a system developed for crowd control by the US Army can "raise your body temperature to 130 degrees" in as little as two seconds. Olson also warned of the dangers of coming 5G technology, saying that the frequencies used can negatively affect the human bloodstream's ability to transfer oxygen to the body, as well as damage and weaken the immune system.

Olson recalled the work of Dr. Steven Smith, who he said conducted research on the regeneration of limbs in 1967, using electrical currents to partially regrow amputated legs in experiments on frogs. He also talked about the work of Dr. Robert O. Becker, who performed experiments on flatworms and found that he could control the type and rate of regeneration in that organism by applying electrical currents to sections of the animals that had been amputated. Olson said that Becker discovered that strong magnetic fields have an anesthetic effect and temporarily shut down motor (muscle) response. These could be used instead of the potentially dangerous substances that have been employed to kill pain or induce unconsciousness in surgery. Olson then warned that fast-tracking of the newest COVID-19 vaccines have resulted in the absence of the usual rigorous testing and that "they're going to test them on us." Related article.


Open Lines followed in the latter half, led off by Chris calling in from Florida, who argued against 5G technology, saying that "fiber optics are safer and more secure than any wireless." Nolan in Louisiana said that he "doesn't even use the major media anymore," instead opting for focused reports on YouTube. "Auntie Em" in Hawaii called to describe a protest in her neighborhood that prevented a 5G cell tower from being constructed next to an elementary school. Ralph from Indiana said that he had a few friends in the cell communications industry and made the startling claim that "three of them were killed by 5G antennas that were being put up." He added that he witnessed a frozen turkey that was "overcooked in 31 seconds" when placed seven feet from a 5G transmitter.

Mary in New Jersey said that the inhabitants of the continent of Atlantis were taught "how to make spaceships" which were then hidden and "stored around the planet." Gordon in Florida wondered about the "inverse power law" with regards to electromagnetic radiation, which states that the power of a signal decreases rapidly with distance, and how this might affect the 5G debate. Donald, also from Florida, worried about the disappearance of bumblebees, which he said were "everywhere" during his childhood. From California, "Doc" was concerned about what will happen when unemployment insurance and rent freezes run out after the first of the year, which he said will cause "an influx of homeless" around the country.

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