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Climate Change Controversies / Strange Phenomena

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Tony Heller is an environmentalist, electrical engineer, and teacher who joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) in the first half to discuss what he sees as the false narrative of climate change. Heller said he has access to historical weather data that contradicts the idea of human-caused warming, and that science and the media's level of dishonesty on the subject "has gotten a lot worse in recent years." Heller's data comes from US weather records over the last century, which he utilizes to make his comparisons and review reports that temperature records are broken with alarming regularity. For example, his research shows that Death Valley had four days of temperatures well over 130 degrees during a one week period in 1930, even though it was widely reported that the record was exceeded this past summer.

Heller claimed that tree ring data for the past two millennia indicate that naturally-occurring fires in prehistory caused "10 times as much burn acreage" than the recent fire season. He also said that floods worldwide and in the US were far worse in the first half of the 20th century than they are at present, pointing out that in 1927, the worst flooding in US history occurred when the Mississippi river was severely flooded "for six months." Heller addressed the issue of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas and stated that the greater the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, the more plants thrive. He added that in the Cambrian era (540 million years ago), this gas's concentration was "15 times higher than it is now" when the Earth witnessed the greatest increase in lifeforms in its history. The idea that warming temperatures are a threat is "a farce," he concluded.


Scottish researcher Tricia Robertson has been studying psychic abilities for over 30 years and shared some of the fantastic and remarkable powers of the human mind she has encountered. She began the second half by stating that "people who have made up their minds that none of this can be true will never look at the evidence." Robertson recalled the story of the Dutch psychic Gerard Croiset, who was said to see people who were missing or lost, and describe what they were doing, or where they were. She revealed that the police used his talents for over 40 years to solve some of their most baffling cases. Robertson also stated that Croiset was subjected to rigorous scientific testing, proving his abilities.

Robertson described the story of a "Mrs. Smith," who in 1950 had an eerie episode of retrocognition, or seeing events from the past. Walking home in the dark, she saw figures looking over bodies in what appeared to be a battlefield. It was later determined that what she had experienced were images of the Battle of Nechtansmere, which occurred in 685 AD. Robertson has also examined the phenomenon of "thoughtography"-- the claim that certain people can produce images on film by thought alone. She recounted the case of Ted Serios, a "poorly educated Chicago bellhop" who apparently had this talent, and who Robertson said proved it many times under controlled conditions. Her final story was an amazing account of an experiment with Electronic Voice Phenomena coming through a radio, which continued to broadcast paranormal voices for two minutes after it was switched off.

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