Cosmology & Physics / Aliens & Fallen Angels

Cosmology & Physics / Aliens & Fallen Angels


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDon Lincoln, Scott Mitchell

A senior scientist at Fermilab, the U.S. premier particle physics laboratory, Don Lincoln splits his research time between the Fermilab Tevatron and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) based at CERN in Europe. Lincoln said that the LHC can "create the conditions that existed a tenth of a trillionth of a second after the universe began," and thus give scientists an idea of the origins of what we observe today. While physicists deal with issues that sometimes border on questions asked by religion or philosophy, he commented that biologists' work is less involved with such matters because they drill down into how life works. They show "how the steps all weave together in a huge net that ends up being life."

He detailed the physics and mathematics that describe black holes and their theoretical structure, but as of yet there is no way to test these ideas. A small black hole (caused by a collapsing star) would turn anyone absorbed by it into a long strand in a process known as "spaghettification," he quipped, while anyone having the experience of falling into a supermassive black hole (such as those found at the centers of galaxies) might actually survive for longer. The most interesting question for science, Lincoln remarked, is contained in Einstein's wish to "know God's thoughts" or simply "why are things the way they are?" He does not believe this will be answered in our lifetimes, maintaining that this is "a journey of millennia."


In the latter half, scholar focusing on the mysteries of the Bible, Scott Mitchell, argued that fallen angels, posing as aliens, are plotting a great deception on Earth to turn humans into hybrids. Mitchell began with a discussion of the history of the Earth and the hierarchies of angels. "God created the Earth to be inhabited by angels," he said, and the leader of these angels was Satan, who was tempted by the sin of pride and punished, along with the angels who joined him in a rebellion against heaven that ultimately failed. He continued with the idea that the Flood of Noah was not simply to cleanse the Earth of human sin, but because "these fallen angels wanted to turn mankind into something that was not redeemable." Mitchell believes there are remnants of the offspring of these fallen angels, who have become "an elite, powerful cabal of humans behind the scenes, controlling things."

Mitchell continued with a quote from the Book of Revelation that there would be another "war in heaven" and that when the rebellious angels lost, they would "fall to Earth" where they would again try to make man unredeemable by forcing him to intermingle his genetics with their own. He sees this as the likely scenario for reports of UFO abductions and theories of "hybridizing programs" and accounts of aliens and their interest in our reproductive organs. He also stated his belief that the global pandemic is a test to see if humanity will accept the Antichrist's dominion by forcing everyone to take his "mark," or as Mitchell sees it, forced vaccinations. The widespread fear and the willingness to accept this solution is an indication that "we're ready and the time is right," he warned.

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