Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell


Scott Mitchell is the host of the Bible Mysteries podcast and the pastor of a church in Seguin, Texas. With a career background in music, legal support and technology, Scott has been a scriptural scholar studying biblical history and mysteries for 40 years. He founded to provide resources to help people unlock the mysteries of the Bible.


Past Shows:

  • Acrylamides in Our Food / Fallen Angels & Aliens

    Medical anthropologist Sydney Ross Singer revealed that certain foods are riddled with dangerous acrylamides. Followed by podcast host Scott Mitchell on fallen angels and aliens.More »
  • UFOs & Consciousness / Fallen Angels

    Investigative reporter Randall Fitzgerald discussed whether Earth itself is a sentient being projecting UFOs and other phenomena. Followed by Bible scholar Scott Mitchell on his research into why he believes aliens are fallen angels.More »
  • Bible Prophecy & End Times / Rock & Pop Music

    Bible scholar Scott Mitchell discussed his ongoing research into biblical prophecy and fallen angels. Followed by author and music historian Harvey Kubernik on the music of the 1960s and 70s.More »
  • Fallen Angels & Aliens / Near-Death Awakening

    Biblical scholar Scott Mitchell shared his belief that aliens are actually fallen angels posing as ETs. Followed by Rob A. Gentile, who discussed how his near-death experience and receipt of a donor heart led to a journey of spiritual awakening.More »
  • Cosmology & Physics / Aliens & Fallen Angels

    Don Lincoln spoke about developments in science and physics. Followed by Scott Mitchell on connections between Satan, fallen angels, and aliens.More »

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