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Climate & Science / Dreams, Families, & Telepathy

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Prof. Peter Ward has been active in paleontology, biology, and astrobiology for more than 40 years. In the first half, he discussed various issues related to science, medicine, and climate, including reports of accelerating glacier melting in Greenland. Ward had been hoping that with the pronounced decrease in fossil fuel use during the lockdowns, greenhouse gases would have decreased. But even though there was a 10% drop, the arctic thawing continued, and 2020 was recently declared as the third hottest year since record-keeping began. He estimated there would be seven feet of sea-level rise by the year 2100, which would create severe economic difficulties for society, such as needing to relocate entire airports near the sea.

With such things as the pandemic and political polarization, the populace has been more on edge and is awash with higher stress blood levels, Ward suggested. He reported that farmed minks are being culled on a massive scale. This is because their immune system is very similar to humans, and they can catch COVID and then transmit it back to us. The concern, he added, is that minks might cause the virus to change so much that the new vaccines wouldn't be effective against mutated strains. Ward also touched on such topics as dinosaurs, sunspots, coral reefs, and climate models.


Clinical psychologist and the director of behavioral medicine at the University of Massachusetts Health Services in Amherst, Edward Bruce Bynum is a student of Swami Chandrasekharan and Saraswati. In the latter half, he shared his work tracking shared dream patterns in families and telepathic connections between family members, as well as his theory on "Dark Light Consciousness." He cited a study that showed some 20% of our dreams feature family members, and curiously some of these can be shared dreams. This might occur during what he called "crisis telepathy," when one person is dreaming or meditating, and the other is in danger or a crisis. A close family member then picks up on the supercharged imagery and feelings related to the dire circumstance, he explained.

Bynum also discussed precognitive dreams and "prodromal" dreams (warnings or forecasts of physical illnesses that have yet to manifest). Regarding "visitations" from departed loved ones in dreams, this is made more likely by being open or receptive to the phenomenon, or by using lucid dreaming techniques, he noted. He described Dark Light Consciousness as the primordial coming together of the dark and the light, drawing not only from the unconscious but the superconscious-- our luminous mind, which contains our deepest identity as a light or energy being.

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