Election Questions / Intuition & Personal Transformation

Election Questions / Intuition & Personal Transformation


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsPenney Peirce, Jerome Corsi

Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D sees a clear path for President Trump to gain victory before the inauguration on January 20, 2021 and is "100% certain" that this will come to pass. At the beginning of the program, Corsi announced that he had just filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to examine the particulars of the 2020 election. He contended that there was "massive fraud" in the voting process, saying that there were many instances in the election where vote counts were stopped and afterward, "a huge amount of ballots" suddenly came in for Biden. Corsi stated he believes that this is part of the latest political power grab by the "socialist-Marxist wing" of the Democratic Party.

Corsi contends that Democratic legislators used the pandemic in order to push through mail-in ballots, which he claims are so vulnerable to tampering as to be meaningless, and "maybe unconstitutional." In a larger sense, Corsi argued that the election represents a struggle to oppose "globalists who want to go for the New World Order," and certain liberal elements that offend conservative Christians, which he thinks Trump had been trying to counteract. He compared the liberal leftist movement in the United States to the "formation of the National Socialists in Germany" before World War II. Ultimately, Corsi believes "God will intervene, and the country will be saved."


In the second half, pioneer in the field of intuition development, Penney Peirce spoke about her idea of a global shift from the Information Age to the Intuition Age. Peirce considers herself more intuitive than psychic, and said that when we feel an intuitive moment, we may be having a "direct connection with the imaginal realm" where many believe time does not exist and connections are made between the present and the future. This ability can be taught, she said, by learning to read the feelings that arise in your body, such as tightness in your throat or cold hands when you hear a lie.

Peirce says that we are entering an Age of Intuition where almost everyone will be able to use this ability to improve their lives, and "all these things that are supernatural will be natural." She predicts we'll have access to the intuitive part of our brain and transfer that information to the conscious realm where the information can be used effectively. Peirce discussed dreams and how they can be programmed "to solve problems or to heal" using the information they contain. She also revealed what she sees as a new kind of person that has been incarnating on this planet and is "extremely clear and compassionate and loving." Some of these people may have been diagnosed as autistic, although Peirce thinks they are operating at "a very high frequency" and will be future leaders. In the last hour, she offered readings and dream interpretations for callers.

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