Israeli Scientist ET Revelations / Dolphin & Whale Interactions

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Israeli Scientist ET Revelations / Dolphin & Whale Interactions

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In the first half, author Michael Salla, a pioneer in the development of exopolitics and exposing government interactions with ETs, discussed the latest developments with the senior Israeli scientist who claims the US had reached secret agreements with aliens. The scientist, Prof. Haim Eshed, a retired general now in his 80s, is a highly significant and credible witness, Salla attested, noting that he ran Israel's spy satellite program for close to 30 years. In that capacity, Eshed would have worked closely with the American intelligence community. One of the professor's further revelations was there is a "Galactic Federation" that had previously determined humanity is not ready for open contact.

Salla pointed out that Eshed's claims dovetail with the reports of Dan Sherman, a USAF whistleblower, who revealed a pact between the Greys and the US government, allowing the aliens to conduct experiments with humans in exchange for technology. Salla traced this agreement back to Dwight Eisenhower but noted that the American President didn't realize the aliens would end up abducting thousands of people instead of a smaller number. Professor Eshed also asserted that there is a joint US/ET base on Mars, which is echoed by Laura Eisenhower (Dwight's great-granddaughter). She said a covert group approached her to travel to Mars, and though she refused, she was shown top-secret papers confirming a base there, Salla recounted.


In the latter half, Hawaii-born author, therapist, and parenting specialist Bobbie Merrill spoke about her ten-year journey into the deep and personal world of wild dolphins and whales, experiencing their magic and surprising levels of intelligence. Merrill, who was among the first to swim with wild dolphins, said one sign of their high intelligence was that they could draw bubble sculptures related to quantum physics diagrams. Dolphins show different emotions and make a variety of reactive sounds. They also are capable of "trauma treatment," she continued, and have been "known to heal tumors" through tapping people's bodies with their sonar.

Merrill's nephew, who has schizophrenia, underwent a session with the dolphins, and they clustered around him in a healing manner, as if they sensed he had a problem, she recalled. In one instance, when she was with a group of dolphins, they herded her group back to shore when they sensed a shark was nearby. Merrill disclosed that she's received telepathic communications from the aquatic creatures that are sent out as complex concepts rather than words. One of their messages is to challenge humans to be loving and kind in every moment, and not become crabby or angry. Regarding whales, their brains are enormous, and they can vocalize on many different levels, sometimes out of the range of our hearing.

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