Prophecy & 2021 / Nocturnal Intruders & Sleep Paralysis

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Prophecy & 2021 / Nocturnal Intruders & Sleep Paralysis

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In the first half, authority on Nostradamus and the occult, John Hogue returned to update his prophecy alarm. He shared predictions for the political landscape, 2021, and the new decade ahead. 2020 was not a fluke, he declared, and we can expect to see massive changes throughout this decade. We are in a "hurricane of history," and 2021 will have dramatic shifts, different than COVID, but perhaps even more jarring, he forecasted. While 2020 involved a lot of isolation, the new year will see an increase in protests and revolution against the government, as influenced by the Uranus/Saturn square, he detailed. People will be waking up more to the creeping corporate fascism that is global in nature, he added.

There is potential for a military strike against Iran during January, Hogue warned. Such a war, he stated, could be fostered by Mohammed bin Salman (known as MBS), the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Further, he noted that the letters MBS resemble Mabus, the third Antichrist's name from a Nostradamus quatrain. The war of the third Antichrist is said to happen at a time when the world is unraveling, Hogue cited, adding that Nostradamus seemed to describe our current coronavirus pandemic in some of his quatrains. Regarding the stock market, Hogue considers valuations to be inflated, and indicative of a coming collapse of fiat currency. When that occurs, the economy will rapidly evolve into a model based on Bitcoin, he suggested.


In the latter half, C2C investigative reporter Cheryll Jones interviewed Robert Goerman, a scholar and analyst of unknown and unexplained phenomena. Their conversation delved into the "global nightmare" of Shadow People, non-human intruders, and sleep paralysis. Goerman distinguished between cases of "Aware Sleep Paralysis" (ASP) and genuine paranormal home invasions by non-human intruders that terrorize people while asleep. Medical science writes off all such nighttime encounters as simply sleep paralysis and ignores the validity and evidence for actual paranormal entities, he argued. With ASP, people awaken and are unable to move, but in more than 70% of the nocturnal encounters he studied, the witnesses did not report any type of paralysis. The chest pressure associated with ASP and folkloric accounts such as 'Old Hag,' is also not found in most accounts he analyzed.

A virtual menagerie of paranormal prowlers have been observed, he told Cheryll. These include hooded beings, gnome-like creatures, Greys, Reptilians, and Shadow People, who, rather than being wispy and ethereal, have been able to move objects and cause pain or injury. Goerman suggested that these non-human attackers have a telepathic 'knockout' ability to make people go back to sleep. He speculated that their agenda likely involves some kind of parasitic vampirism or feeding. For more, check out his ebook, It's Not Sleep Paralysis!

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Peter Breggin

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