2021 Predictions Show

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2021 Predictions Show

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First-hour guest Joseph Jacobs is an internationally known psychic who has counseled over 15,000 people since 1982. Last year, Jacobs correctly predicted that there would be a delay in the November election results. For the year ahead, he sees spikes in "health issues" for the USA with the "roughest times" in "February, April, and November." Jacobs described the pandemic as an "unseen enemy" and an issue which we can rally around and support each other. He is concerned that Russia will attack our "electronics infrastructure…especially over the next two weeks." Despite these issues, Jacobs sees the present as a time to engage in "prayer, mediation, introspection, exercise and reaching out to others," and believes the country and world will be back to nearly normal by sometime in 2022. In the last 30 minutes of the segment, he did personal readings for callers.

In the second hour, Elizabeth Joyce, a modern-day mystic, author, and master spiritual teacher/healer made predictions for the coming year. Joyce started with her feeling that January would be "the most dramatic and upsetting month of the year," and predicted that inauguration day would be a time to "expect the unexpected." She sees trouble for Joseph Biden, including an arrest, as well as a Senate vote that will "wind up in favor of Trump." Joyce believes that if this does not come to pass, that "we are going to become a Marxist-Communist country." America will not go back on the gold standard, she said, because Dick Cheney used the Federal Reserve holdings to build an "underground city" somewhere in Virginia. In the last half hour, she offered advice and predictions to callers.


In the second half, Coast to Coast continued our long-standing tradition of listener predictions. From his Bible studies, Gordon in Florida sees "war…and signs in the sky and earthquakes" coming in the near future. Mimi from Texas told George that she predicted last year that "2020 was going to be a great year." Although that guess fell through, she added that "for me, it has been." Patrick, calling from Wisconsin, guessed that Trump "will stay in as president," and, if needed, that extraterrestrials such as the "Ashtar Command would get involved." Bill in Connecticut said that the new Mars Rover, set to land on the Red Planet on February 18th, would be looking for microbial life, and if found, that NASA "will come out with the truth about aliens and UFOs."

In a request for callers to share their experiences with the pandemic, Pamela in California told of working in a managed care facility and how many clients and employees have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Some have died, and others were "out for weeks." She already received the first part of the Pfizer vaccine and reports no ill effects as yet. Dawn in Montana said she has "never had a vaccine, and I don't want to start now." Mike in Colorado predicted that the new James Webb space telescope will be the first to "discover planets with intelligent life." Jose called from Florida suggesting that China will "try to take Taiwan this year." From North Carolina, Julie reported that her son currently has COVID with no fever, but a "white patchy throat." The last half-hour featured a classic interview with Jason Miller about modern sorcery and magic.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Kevin Randle

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