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Diet & Environmental Issues / Mind Over Matter

Date Wednesday - January 22, 2020
Host George Noory
Guests Dr. John McDougallCaroline Cory

In the first half, nutrition expert, John A. McDougall, M.D., discussed environmental issues related to diet, particularly the environmental impact of industrial livestock production. By various estimates, 18% to more than 50% of the greenhouse gases said to be contributing to global warming can be attributed to the world's population of livestock, and the agricultural and transportation associated with them. Beef is a very wasteful product, he continued, with 20 lbs. of grain required to produce one pound of meat. He cited a landmark study by the UN, Livestock's Long Shadow, as a comprehensive work that details the harmful effect on our environment.

The traditional western diet, heavy in meat and dairy, is associated with numerous health problems, he reported, and when people reduce or eliminate these foods, they naturally recover from many ailments and lose excess weight. McDougall is an advocate of eating a starch-based diet free of animal-based products, including healthy starches like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, beans, and vegetables. The idea that we have to include high protein items in each meal is a myth, he said, as most of the foods we eat contain all the protein a human needs. Protein deficiency is never a problem, he added, whereas protein excess causes kidney stones and damage to the bones.


Writer, lecturer, personal coach, Caroline Cory is also an award-winning filmmaker, who as a child and throughout her life, has had numerous ESP and precognitive experiences. In the latter half, she spoke about her experiments with PSI and mind over matter, explored in her new documentary, Superhuman. As captured in the film, children are shown reading even though they're blindfolded, as well as conducting other activities that normally would require sight. Cory suggested that kids are more open to PSI than adults, as they don't overthink or rationalize away such abilities. Additionally, a Russian group demonstrated that no light was coming into the covered eyes of subjects, who were able to accurately read and discern colors.

There were also displays of telekinesis, and the effects of consciousness on physical matter and water. Interestingly, it's been shown that our cells have an actual vibration, she noted. Mind over matter is quite real, Cory continued, validated, for instance, by X-rays that show a difference after a healing session. She conducts healings and sessions with clients remotely, and offered readings to callers. For one caller, she recommended he "flush out" his energy field, and "connect back to source" (a free related meditation "Connecting to Source," is available on her homepage).

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Jerome Corsi

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