Reducing Sugar Intake / UFO Disclosure

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Reducing Sugar Intake / UFO Disclosure

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A board-certified chiropractor, Dr. Daryl Gioffre is also a speaker, educator, and raw food chef. In the first half, he discussed how to reduce sugar from one's diet and avoid stress eating. As a former sugar addict himself, he sought to understand and conquer his craving for sweets. He found that by adding green juices and greens to his diet, they acted to detoxify and alkalize, and provide minerals that helped eliminate sugar cravings. He noted that this was not a deprivation diet, but more a matter of adding healthy foods. The average American adult consumes 22-28 teaspoons of sugar daily (with higher rates for kids), he cited, and a lot of it comes from hidden sugars added to various grocery products. Sugar metabolizes into lactic acid, and creates inflammatory conditions in the body, he stated.

He cautioned that fruit juices contain way more sugar or fructose in them than eating fruit, and too much protein in the diet can turn into sugar in the body's liver. To combat stress eating, Gioffre recommended what he called "strength eating," which includes healthy fats, foods high in natural fiber, and protein-rich beans and nuts. He suggested that when eating fruit, it's smart to combine it with a fat, like almond butter. As far as sweeteners, he praised stevia, but warned against consuming artificial products like aspartame. Hydrating is also important, he noted, and putting lemon juice in water helps to alkalize it and add nutrients.


In the latter half, lobbyist and truth seeker Stephen Bassett talked about the latest in his effort to end a government-imposed embargo on the truth behind ET-related phenomena. He updated the push for formal UFO disclosure and what he thinks would be the impact on the human race. "The disclosure train is very close to leaving the station," he declared, with the events of 2017 (To the Stars Academy / Pentagon revelations in the NY Times) pushing the issue forward. He believes the appropriate way for disclosure to proceed would be after substantial congressional hearings, with multiple military witnesses. "So much evidence would be presented under oath," he suggested, that the world and the government would no longer be able to deny the reality. Then, that would be an appropriate time for the President to make the announcement.

Bassett is hopeful that after the new US administration is in place, and unrest dies down, congressional hearings on UFO disclosure will be scheduled. "Hearings on the ET issue would give the entire world...something really exciting to watch and get involved in," he enthused. An earthshaking revelation of the ET presence is something that could bring the planet together, he added. Bassett also announced the debut of his forthcoming video podcast series, The Disclosure Wire, in which he'll interview researchers, activists, journalists, and pundits, particularly those in the DC area, where he's based.

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