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The New Depression / Channeled Messages

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In the first half, investment banker and risk manager James Rickards suggested that we are in the midst of a new Great Depression brought on by policy responses to the pandemic. While the stock market is currently at an all-time high, the reality of the lockdown has crushed small businesses, and we'll be seeing the effect of this for years to come, he predicted. Rickards referenced the market crash of 1929, and how it took 25 years to get back to the same stock valuations. While he acknowledged that the government stimulus checks and extended unemployment will help people in need, he pointed out that such measures don't really stimulate the economy. Further, the Federal Reserve has printed $4 trillion in the past year, and deficit spending is ballooning.

As a result of this, we'll have some deflation at first, he stated, but then the government will turn that around by increasing the price of gold, which will raise the cost of everything else. Beyond just finances, there are hidden tolls from the pandemic-- mental illness, crime, and dysfunctional behaviors are on the upswing due to the quarantines, Rickards suggested. He also cited how there has been a major exodus out of places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco, and this, he contends, will severely damage the economy as we are "destroying the wealth-generating mechanisms" that these large cities provide.


With a master's degree in counseling psychology, hypnotherapist Mark Allen Frost channels the spirit "Seth," whom he believes is the same entity that previously communicated through Jane Roberts. In the third hour, he shared new messages from Seth regarding humanity's awakening and what he sees ahead in 2021. Right now, we're in a pandemic culture, a "sickness of fear" that has been created through negative leaders seeking to hold us in place, Frost remarked. Battling against this, he claimed that "visionary leader" Donald Trump is being guided by angelic beings or Pleiadian ETs.

'Sound Off' Open Lines were featured in the last hour.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Kevin Randle

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