Remote Viewing Experiment / Pi & Mystical Language

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Remote Viewing Experiment / Pi & Mystical Language

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Douglas James Cottrell is a clairvoyant, spiritual healer, and expert in the study of consciousness, as well as prediction, prophecy, and remote viewing. He joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss his extraordinary abilities, provide insights into remote viewing, and conduct his third live on-air remote viewing experiment. Cottrell shared his personal journey from skeptic to believer, which centered on finding help for his sickly daughter who had been institutionalized at age two. A remote diagnosis session with psychic Ross Peterson revealed bones in her neck were putting pressure on the brain stem and causing convulsions. The diagnosis was confirmed and the convulsions ceased almost immediately after physical therapy and chiropractic manipulations, Cottrell reported. After this he began to develop his own intuitive abilities.

"Remote viewing, or clairvoyance, or quantum meditation... is the ability for a part of your mind to be able to perceive things that you're not aware of over time in space," Cottrell continued, noting one must learn to set aside the conscious mind, or ego, in order to clearly see using intuition. During his on-air remote viewing experiment Cottrell asked Richard to attempt to view a mystery object sitting on his desk at home. The object, an American flag patch, was the target and Richard was able to divine some aspects of it, including the border color of the patch (yellow) and its raised surfaces (stripes, etc). Perhaps even more fascinating, however, was how Richard appeared to have clearly seen a donut-shaped lamp and brown clipboard sitting on Cottrell's desk.


During the second half of the program, author Marty Leeds talked about the mystical and mathematical properties of language, and his research into the mathematical constant Pi and how it is encoded into the Bible. Alphabets have a numeric foundation behind them, he explained, noting how his work examining English in this capacity uncovered a cipher. "What you have in English is something pretty unique in its own right and I think it shows... our English language is actually a very sacred language," Leeds said. English has been specifically crafted to encode deeper wisdom like one would find at the heart of ancient Hebrew and Greek languages, he added.

According to Leeds, God emanated his principles through the foundation of numbers, as it is the one language which is common among all peoples and cultures. He commented on the relationship between language and geometry, noting each letter of the English alphabet is architectural and composed of simple geometric forms. Leeds suggested the English translation of the Bible has been encoded to reveal its sacred source. As an example, he explored the genealogy of Jesus from the New Testament book of Matthew. The genealogy lists 42 generations, or 3 groups of 14, which points to the mathematical constant Pi (3.14), Leeds revealed, citing that the number 42 is in the numerical mysticism of numerous cultures. "It's something that, in a sense, the Creator has left there for us to discover," he said.

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