Marty Leeds

Marty Leeds


Marty Leeds is the author of three books, and has an ongoing lecture series available for free on He is the host of the podcast The Marty Leeds' Mathemagical Radio Hour discussing everything from myth, math, spirituality, philosophy, sacred geometry, lost civilizations and the holy sciences. Marty has been a guest on many popular podcasts, and was a featured speaker at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia in 2013. He released his first full-length solo record, Opus Medico Musica this year, available on iTunes, and is working on his follow up record for release in 2015.



Past Shows:

  • Remote Viewing Experiment / Pi & Mystical Language

    Douglas James Cottrell discussed his intuitive abilities, remote viewing, and conducted a live on-air RV experiment. Followed by author Marty Leeds, who talked about the mystical and mathematical properties of language.More »
  • Numbers & Mysticism/ Nostradamus' Prophecies

    In the first half, Richard Syrett was joined by author Marty Leeds for a discussion on the mystical and mathematical properties of the English language including the Holy 108, and the numerological breakdown of the name of Jesus Christ. In the latter half, author Mario...More »

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