Energy of Change / Pandemic Issues & the Afterlife

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Energy of Change / Pandemic Issues & the Afterlife

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Author Dr. Nick Begich has been pursuing independent research in the sciences and politics for most of his adult life. As we enter a new cycle, he spoke about the energy and impact of change on a personal and social level. We can reset the direction of our lives, he mused, even as we experience the birth pangs of a new era. Such a reset can be accomplished through "lifting" others up by treating them well, as though they're divine beings, he suggested. This simple act, he continued, starts a kind of 'Butterfly Effect,' in which a chain of positive energy may be infused in those we treated well and their subsequent interactions with others.

Paying attention to emotions as they're experienced and then labeling them, helps a person to have mastery over them, and derails destructive behaviors, he outlined. Begich also shared updates on weather modification and Project HAARP. The technology for changing the weather has become more sophisticated, he said, though it's challenging to monitor what specifically is being done. Regarding climate change, he noted that a lot of energy is exchanged from the southern Pacific Ocean waters, but scientific communications are fragmented-- for instance, volcanologists don't compare notes with oceanographers. HAARP's experimentation with the ionosphere and oscillating fields continues, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks now runs the project.


In the latter half, licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Carla Wills-Brandon, discussed how people are struggling with loneliness and psychological issues right now, as well as her work documenting evidence of contact with the afterlife, and deathbed visions. She cited various syndromes that have been accentuated during the pandemic, including 'Learned Helplessness.' This occurs when people feel they don't have any options, and debilitating depression can set in. She also mentioned the foreboding sense of 'Impending Doom,' – a feeling of abandonment and that nothing is going to get better. This may be associated with suicidal ideation, and for her clients that have this, she makes a contract with them that they will hold off on ending their life for a specific time interval.

Issues around COVID can also act as a trigger for someone's unresolved emotional or psychological issues, she reported. Regarding her afterlife investigations, departed loved ones can show up when someone is about to die, said Wills-Brandon, or a person might receive a vision or communication from someone who is in the process of dying or in great distress. For instance, one individual in New Jersey picked up signals when his father was having a heart attack in Oregon. She also spoke about Jewish beliefs on the afterlife and detailed the case of a Rabbi, about to die, who saw his deceased father at his bedside. Then, followers and students saw a blue light escaping from the Rabbi's chest as he passed.

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