COVID & Inflammation / Psychokinesis & Luck

COVID & Inflammation / Psychokinesis & Luck


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. David Hanscom, Dr. Joe Gallenberger

In the first half, spine surgeon Dr. David Hanscom shared methodologies for fending off COVID and alternative approaches to chronic pain. He believes that surgery and medication have a role in healing pain, however, he claims the majority of spine operations are unnecessary. Most recently, since the COVID-19 outbreak - which he tested positive for and experienced, Dr. Hanscom has been working with a team of medical doctors and researchers, exploring the relationship between inflammation and all chronic disease from back pain to cancer to COVID. His Plan A for lowering inflammation combines different techniques, many of them psychological, such as reducing one's level of anxiety. When a person is under sustained exposure to threat, inflammatory cells attack the body, and this can lead to various auto-immune diseases, he added.

Almost everyone who gets COVID has elevated inflammatory markers before they get sick, he stated. He's found that taking the supplements vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc can be useful in staving off the virus. Intermittent fasting can help lower the inflammatory markers, he noted, such as waiting 12-14 hours between meals, or taking one day off per week from eating. Hanscom also advocated for the exercise of "expressive writing," which entails jotting down your thoughts and then tearing them up. Over 1,000 research papers have shown that this exercise lowers anxiety and depression, and improves such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma, he cited.


In the latter half, clinical psychologist Joseph Gallenberger discussed his work on using mind power to move physical objects, as well as how we can use our psychic energy to affect and change our realities and circumstances. He's found that the energy that goes into psychokinesis (PK) is the same that goes into healing and manifesting what you'd like to bring into your life. To demonstrate some of the mind-over-matter effects, Gallenberger has conducted experiments with groups of people at Las Vegas casinos. His results suggest that having certain mental attitudes can improve a person's luck.

"We find that when people are in a wide-open heart energy, feeling one with everyone else...and happy to be in the present moment," as well as having a sense of gratitude and abundance, they are much more likely to win at gambling, he reported. The University of Virginia, Department of Perceptual Studies has been collecting PK performance data from the Monroe Institute's MC² program for several years, he added. Gallenberger was a subject in their lab with a 128 lead EEG placed on his head to measure his brain waves while practicing PK over 100 trials. The results were significant, he revealed, and interesting patterns are emerging. He also talked about how limiting beliefs and various fears can hold people back from positive change and manifesting what they want.

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