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Ouija Board Mysteries / Dolphin & Animal Communications

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In the first half, author Karen A. Dahlman talked about the Ouija board's mystique and how it's a tool that gives users permission to communicate with the unseen dimensions. She also spoke about how to tap into positive energy in these difficult times. We've got to find our inner GPS, she suggested, where your locus of control resides. By disconnecting from devices and media, people can get in touch with their consciousness and become more aware of their hopes, intuitions, and thoughts that are native to themselves rather than from outside sources, she explained. It's helpful to write down in a journal what comes to you, as you may want to refer back to useful messages or guidance.

The Ouija board, known as the "Talking Board" back in the 1880s, is a neutral device that acts as a talisman or vessel to tap into other levels of consciousness, Dahlman outlined. Contrary to the Hollywood mythos, there is no inherent evil to the Ouija, she continued, but if someone brings their own negative beliefs or fears to the table, they may project that onto the experience. She has a collection of many boards, and there are subtle variations between them, including different symbols, letters, and layouts. As to how the planchette moves to spell out messages, she concurs that ideomotor or unconscious movements can guide the tool, yet she also remains open to the idea that an outside entity may influence or direct the motion.


In the latter half, C2C investigative reporter Cheryll Jones interviewed author, speaker, and channeler Cyndie Lepori, known for her communications with dolphins, whales, sea creatures, and nature spirits. Lepori left a nursing career to fully immerse herself in dolphin/ocean activist work, living on her sailboat for five years in the Caribbean. During the Gulf oil spill, she rescued countless marine creatures, birds, and other wildlife. One of the co-authors of Dolphin & Whales Forever, she told Cheryll that each animal species shares distinct telepathic messages with her. For instance, dolphins refer to humans as "sand walkers," and relayed that if humanity loved and valued themselves and each other, this would translate to taking good care of Earth and all its creatures.

According to Lepori, whales have a deep consciousness related to creation (while dolphins are more connected to inspiration). She has also received messages from alligators, who have a primordial wisdom, as well as turtles and stingrays. Lepori even practiced a kind of time travel to receive communications from dinosaurs. They informed her that gas and oil deposits come from their bodies' remains, and when they are burned, they release negative energy into the atmosphere, so humans should switch to non-fossil fuels. She also shared an encounter with a nature fairy, who was irritated with her for removing thistles from the backyard.

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