Global Warming Research / Evidence for the Afterlife

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Global Warming Research / Evidence for the Afterlife

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A geologist with more than 35 years of studying the Earth's processes, Gregory Wrightstone has presented his research results around the world, including India, Ireland, and China. In the first half, he discussed his quest for the truth about climate change and historical evidence of how the Earth's population has responded to ice ages as well as warming periods. He disputes the idea of man-made catastrophic warming, arguing that the proponents of this concept often only look back at the last 50-150 years. "As a geologist, I look at the many thousands or millions of years of Earth's history" to put things in perspective, he noted. He concedes that the greenhouse gas C02 is increasing due to the burning of fossil fuels and does cause some atmospheric warming. However, he contends that this is a very modest effect and "is greatly overwhelmed by the same natural forces that have been driving temperatures since the dawn of time."

We are in a period of temperature increase, but the situation is not dire-- rather, it's "leading to an Earth that's thriving, that's greening, that's prospering," he asserted, and humanity is benefiting from this. Sea level is rising, but that is natural during a warming period and related to retreating glaciers, which began in the 19th century, he continued. Wrightstone was also critical of non-fossil fuel energy sources like electric, citing their dependence on cobalt (used in lithium batteries), which is reportedly mined by forced child labor in the Congo. For more on the climate topic, view his related PDF presentation.


Michael Prescott is a bestselling author of more than twenty novels of suspense and maintains a blog dealing largely with the paranormal and the afterlife. In the latter half, he presented evidence for the hypothesis of life after death culled from such things as near-death experiences, mediumship, apparitions, past-life recall, and memories of a between-lives state. All these lines of inquiry tend to converge on the same conclusion-- that some type of consciousness survives, he remarked. He recounted the case of British medium Eileen Garrett, who received messages from a deceased crew member of a military dirigible that crashed in 1930. The spirit provided her with very specific aeronautic details she could not have known. Another case that fascinated him involved the thoroughly tested trance medium Gladys Leonard, who retrieved information about a boy named Bobbie Newlove who was said to die of diphtheria. From communicators on the Other Side, she learned that an infection related to drainage pipes near the family's property played a part in his death, and the parents were later able to confirm that the pipes were contaminated.

Prescott was particularly interested in older cases because they're less likely to be influenced by modern cultural tropes. For instance, in a near-death account from 1899, a Dr. Wiltsey from Kansas suffered from typhoid fever and was declared to be dead. He ended up surviving and told of how he separated from his body and was transported to a higher plane where he faced a barrier. He heard a telepathic voice, Prescott detailed, telling him that you can never go back if you pass over the barrier. "Consciousness is like a receiver that can tune into different bands of frequency...and that's the reality you're going to perceive, Prescott suggested, noting that perhaps when people are having deathbed visions, they're fluctuating between two frequencies. "Ghosts might be an example of frequency overlap," he added.

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