Fairy Legends / Sasquatch & UFOs

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Fairy Legends / Sasquatch & UFOs

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Morgan Daimler teaches classes on Irish mythology and magical practices, fairies, and related subjects. In the first half, she joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss how mythological fairy beliefs have intersected with popular and modern culture. She said that "the cultural assumption, especially in the US is the 'Tinkerbell' image," but that the term "fairy" describes many different beings across various cultures and times, even appearing sometimes as animals. Daimler detailed her eerie encounter with what she perceived as a white, three-legged dog late one night, which she said is known in fairy faith legends. She believes that UFO and alien reports are actually modern-day fairy encounters. One of the similarities is that the way they relate to us "would not be the way that humans interact."

Daimler continued with descriptions of legends about the fairy race, saying that there are some traditions that state that they cannot lie, possess very rigid customs about manners, and that they "don't like people saying 'thank you,' because that offends them." They are very particular about words and their meanings, she continued. For example, "if you make a promise, they expect you to stick to it exactly." Another strange custom is that anything taken from them is expected to be paid back precisely, but anything taken or borrowed from humans is always given back with extra interest. If threatened by what appears to be a hostile fairy encounter, Daimler suggested that a witness might be "better off pretending you don't see it," as this may diminish its power over the percipient.


Darcy Weir's new documentary is based on the theory that relic hominids like Bigfoot live in remote wilderness areas all around the world. In the latter half, he discussed the film and evidence that there is "a scarce population of hominids," which have been reported throughout history and in many cultures. Weir said that the term "Sasquatch" originated with the indigenous Sts'ailes tribe of British Columbia, who have a tradition of something they call "Sasq'ets," a creature they depicted on their totem poles and other artifacts, which they first shared with a Canadian government official in the late 1920s. He also stated that the term "Bigfoot" has its origins in a newspaper story about railroad construction workers' encounters in Northern California in the 1950s.

Weir's first documentary was about the little-known UFO researcher and experiencer Phil Schneider, who spoke about supposed alien bases in the Dulce, New Mexico area in the early 1990s. Weir said that Schneider's memories "started flooding back after he went off his medication," when he began to apparently recall encounters and even commando-type wars with alien races. He also spoke about his film on Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan and his videos of UFOs flying through volcanic ash clouds, which would be impossible for conventional aircraft. Weir considers himself "an activist" with his films, which he feels are part of an effort to disclose hidden truths. He believes we are living in the "beginning of a total change to mankind."

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