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AI & Prophecy / Soul Progressions & Spirit Realm

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In the first half, authority on human spiritual transformation and ascension, William Henry offered commentary on AI dangers, prophecy, and UFOs. Regarding the Pentagon 'Tic Tac' UFO footage, its seeming warp drive-like qualities reminded Henry of ancient texts, and could represent a type of spiritual technology from the past, he indicated. We may have entered the times described in the prophetic Book of Revelation, Henry suggested, with a rise in authoritarianism and control. He believes the time isn't far away when we'll be forced "to take the mark of the Beast, which could be...some form of a quantum tattoo," as well as "worship the image of the Beast." In Revelation, those who don't worship the image are decapitated. But rather than guillotines, we have cancel culture "that beheads people digitally," he remarked.

In Revelation, the Antichrist is said to suffer a mortal wound and then is resurrected. Henry suspects that the Antichrist could turn out to be a superhuman AI entity that rises out of Big Tech, and has the power of resurrection-- offering humans a form of immortality in the online or digital realm. He contends that Big Tech is the Beast, and they now view our physical selves as part of the "Internet of bodies." Ultimately, "they are seeking...the complete eradication or erasure of the idea of the individual" in favor of one singular being, he added. Henry also talked about the "Rainbow Angel," mentioned in Revelation, which he believes references the true divine nature within us that can help overcome the Beast.


Intuitive medium, author, and educator Geoffrey Jowett helps others on their path to enlightenment by recognizing that each of us is an eternal and infinite part of God. In the latter half, he shared his work on soul progressions, soul families, reincarnation, auras, and the spirit world. Your spirit or energy being is the part of the soul that incarnates into a human body, "and we are all made of the same cloth," he noted. One's intuitive power, Jowett continued, arises from spirit and is like tuning in to a higher frequency vibration that can be "your greatest teacher and wisest friend." Through experiences and dramas accumulated on the Earth plane over various lifetimes, the soul learns and progresses on its path to enlightenment, he explained.

The "soul agreement" is associated with karma from a past life, he said, and is a kind of pre-birth arrangement made with the higher self, related to choosing one's current life and situation. This agreement, he added, is made in conjunction with the "family of souls" we're connected with, a group of around 10-20 soulmates. Beyond this, we are also members of "soul communities" that run into the thousands of members. Jowett noted that we tend to be "affiliated or attracted to souls that are working on similar things," and there is an economy of scale in which linked souls can learn from each other and rise together. Souls have a chance to evaluate their most recent incarnation in the afterlife, he cited, and work with a higher being to develop goals for their next physical existence.

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