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World's Greatest Mysteries / Open Lines

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Author Lionel Fanthorpe, whom George has dubbed "the greatest storyteller ever born," returned to Coast to Coast to share accounts of some of the world's most fascinating mysteries, including time travel, deja vu, curses, and Spring-heeled Jack. Fanthorpe suggested pioneering Renaissance figure Leonardo da Vinci may have invented a time machine which he used to travel back and forth through time. "Things like his helicopter were not things he invented but things he had seen in the future," he said. Fanthorpe recounted the 1901 time travel incident reported by Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain, who claimed to have experienced a time slip into pre-revolutionary France. "It's one of the most likely episodes to have been real time travel," he noted.

According to Fanthorpe, the feeling of deja vu ties into time travel. The experience of having already lived through a present situation may be a warning, he continued, adding "someone or something out there... is able to take us forward and warn us that if we pursue conduct x, y, or z, then this is likely to happen." Fanthorpe pondered curses and whether they can effect recipients who do not know they have been cursed. He also shared the tale of Spring-heeled Jack, an entity allegedly sighted in Victorian London who had cold claw-like hands and the ability to leap over a nine-foot wall.


Open Lines followed in the latter part of the program. Mary in New Jersey shared a strange experience she had at three years old when she opened her eyes to find what appeared to be an angel talking with a man. She recalled telling them, "I don't like it here," to which they responded, "you have to go back." Mary reported looking back and seeing her body in the street, and the next time she opened her eyes a vehicle was in front of her, a man was yelling, and her father picked her up and took her into the house.

Brent from Bakersfield, California, claimed to have the psychic gift of audio clairvoyance and been in contact with the late Coast to Coast founder Art Bell. "There was something he did [to George] that really bothered him," Brent revealed. Though George could not recall anything Art did to him, he accepted Art's apology from the Other Side. Roger in Tennessee told George about a persistent experience of deja vu which has happened as long as he can remember. He recalled being able to "voice" something before it occurred and amaze those he had told about it. According to Roger, expressing deja vu before it happens is prophecy.

The final half hour featured a replay from 6/9/20 when past-life researcher Joanne DiMaggio talked about Edgar Cayce and accessing past lives.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde / Kevin Randle / Tim Binnall

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